last season, when i put together a shopping list, i didn’t know what to expect.  as i said, i am never going to be a minimalist who stops shopping altogether.  looking back on the last few months, however, i found that the list helped keep me focused.  although i strayed on a few occasions, i also realized that something i thought i wanted (a printed cashmere sweater) was a passing fantasy.

emboldened by my (partial) success, i decided to make a new list for this season.  the navy pants carried over from last time, because i still have not found the perfect pair (well i have, but they are so expensive, i can’t justify them unless they go on sale).

i have found a few of these pieces already, so stay tuned…

list also i love june in nyc.  fresh flowers everywhere and the weather is perfect.  these daffodils look so sweet in a blue mason jar.daffodils