sweet potato pancakes

one of my favorite places in nashville is the pancake pantry, a nashville institution.  no matter the weather, there is a line around the corner of tourists and locals alike who can’t wait for a delicious, unpretentious, down home breakfast.  i love ordering a half order of the sweet potato pancakes (you get 3 instead of 5) and a side of eggs.  i found myself missing home lately so did my best to recreate my favorite breakfast at home.

i used this recipe.

pancakes 1pancakes 2pancakes 3




hazelnut cookies

the lack of fresh produce around this time of year gives me a great excuse to continue my baking adventures.  i used this recipe for hazelnut cookies and added chocolate chunks.  the chocolate was a key addition.  i may have even eaten a few for breakfast.

hazelnut cookies

just in: nude stilettos

after 6 years of faithful service, my nude pumps became so discolored and worn down that i couldn’t justify wearing them anymore.  i was about to replace them with a classic stiletto, but the below picture of meghan markle during her engagement announcement inspired me to step outside of the box a bit.


her aquazzura pumps are classic, but the ties give them a sexy twist.  i don’t find aquazzura shoes to be particularly comfortable, so i was delighted to find the below manolos during the saks after christmas sale.  here’s to another 6 years.

manolo 1manolo 2

celine box bag

in addition to my gorgeous astier de villatte pottery, my other big purchase from paris last fall was a classic celine box bag.  i went specifically looking for this mint green, and found the last one at the celine store on avenue montaigne.

i was waiting until spring to use the bag, but something about the cool shade feels right in this crisp weather.  the quality is stunning, and it holds just what i need on a daily basis.

celine 1celine 2celine 3

chanel sale finds

now that sale season has come and gone and we are in the depths of the dark cold winter, i figured some chanel shoe sale finds can brighten up the day.

i was so excited to find the tweed flats at bergdorf goodman – it is so rare to find classics on sale.  the chelsea boots are also classics but a bit less recognizable.  they will be perfect for city walking.

shoes 1shoes 2shoes 3

dinner at the post ranch inn

i have been knee deep in organizing my iPhone photos, and i realized i never posted these from our wonderful trip to carmel.  we went to the post ranch inn in big sur for my birthday dinner, and the setting, food, and service were all impeccable.

it got dark too early to catch the full sunset, but the little sliver of what was left was still breathtaking.

post ranch 1post ranch 2post ranch 3post ranch 4post ranch 5post ranch 6post ranch 7post ranch 8post ranch 9post ranch 10

cherry blossom calendar

buying a new calendar always feels like a rite of passage.  i picked up this beautiful letterpressed cherry blossom calendar at abc home late last year.  i’m so happy that i finally get to use it.  the images follow the life cycle of a cherry blossom tree.

good inspiration for an upcoming trip to japan for cherry blossom season (fingers crossed!!!).


sezane finds

in my last post, i neglected to mention what i bought when i went to the sezane store.  the gorgeous green silk top is perfect for work or a date night.  and the jacket is soft, comfortable, and absolutely stunning.  all the work is done by hand.  i have never seen this type of quality at this price point.

sezane finds 1sezane finds 2

even the buttons are a lovely enamel.  i love this attention to detail.

sezane finds 3