ten through fifteen

i’m still working my way through my new year’s resolution. here are the next five books i finished off. the best was pachinko – so beautifully written and such a compelling story.

i did like normal people though i wouldn’t rave about it like others.

every book i have read by moshin hamid has been elegant and thought provoking, and this was no exception.


the start of summer means lots of flowers, shopping, and yummy meals out with friends. i feel like it’s going to be a good few months.

windowbox tulips
farmer’s market peonies
brunch at bluestone lane
dinner at nur
sunday brunch with friends
fantasy shopping (no i did not buy!)

dark summer florals

as much as i love a white moment in the summer, i have such a hard time keeping my whites white. it always seems that makeup, coffee, or plain ol sweat mean that i am either constantly dry cleaning or stain removing my white tops and dresses. so when i was looking for a new summer sundress, this one’s dark moody florals did the trick (and are much lower maintenance!).

a final farewell

i finally closed on my old apartment and wanted to take some final pictures of it (almost) empty. it was my second apartment in nyc and my home for over 5 years. i spent years fixing it up (from painting and learning to patch holes at first, all the way to the bathroom reno) and learned so much about myself in that time.

while i am in love with our new place, i will never forget all the good and bad times this apartment and i had together. i hope it is as magical for the next owners.

basquiat at the brandt

i went to the basquiat exhibit at the brandt foundation a few weeks ago and can say it is worth the hype. the space is perfect for the art, and the exhibit is so vast and interesting. we also ran into a few famous folks while making our way around. i had to resist the urge to take a picture of everything,