this week

took a week to get out of nyc and dip my toes in the cold cape cod water.  never have i been more grateful for this luxuries of salt water, sand, puppies, and reading in a hammock.  when the world is on fire, it makes you think hard about your priorities and how you are going to do more, and to do better, to make this a place future generations want to be.



chickpea stew

i finally made alison roman’s chickpea stew this weekend, and it was just as promised – easy, inexpensive, and delicious.  i made a few changes to the receipe:  spinach instead of kale, 1 cup of coconut milk instead of 2; and parsley instead of cilantro because that’s all i had.  a little squeeze of lime to top it off.  perfect for a cold winter’s night.


our shared closet

i used my time in isolation to clean out and organize my portion of our shared closet.  i believe in marie kondo’s advice that you should never clean your family’s possessions for them – it is too fraught with emotion and would lead to a fight.

as part of our renovations, we used the container store’s elfa system.  custom closets were too expensive and didn’t seem worth the cost.

i still haven’t switched out my seasonal clothes, but that is coming soon.  it makes me so happy to open the door.


my fiance’s hanging clothes are on the bottom rack


love seeing my bag collection lined up


some more beauties


work and casual dresses


socks and nice tees




gym clothes


blazers and blouses.  this picture makes me realize i have sooo much cream