summer bedding switch

since i barely leave the house these days, i thought i would take advantage of the parachute sale to buy some new linens for our bedroom.  the cloud cotton quilt and matching shams are so amazingly soft, and i love the rumpled white linen for summer.  i still decided to stick to the gray and white scheme, but the darker gray on the inside of the quilt adds a nice contrast.  i also like folding the duvet at the base of the bed, since it gives a neater overall appearance.





this week

took a week to get out of nyc and dip my toes in the cold cape cod water.  never have i been more grateful for this luxuries of salt water, sand, puppies, and reading in a hammock.  when the world is on fire, it makes you think hard about your priorities and how you are going to do more, and to do better, to make this a place future generations want to be.