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when i first moved to nyc, i was so excited to complete my wardrobe with all my fabulous sample sale finds.  i had heard that sample sales (almost) made the noise, traffic, and the outrageously high rent prices in this city worth it.  well, almost 5 years later, i have exactly 0 items still in my closet from a sample sale.

chloe 1

or had.  this chloe beauty just called my name when i saw it.  the problem with most sample sales is that typically, only the most seasonal or trendy items make it to the sale, and people are often persuaded by the low price to purchase something they ordinarily would not.  and if you wouldn’t buy something full price, why would you buy it on sale?

this beautiful chloe drew bag definitely does not fall into that category.  it has the classic shape but includes pretty much the only colors that i wear.  the fact that it was so marked down is just the cherry on top.

chloe 2



nolita date night

i had so much fun exploring little italy nolita on a gorgeous saturday evening.  we walked around enjoying a street fair, and had drinks at the mulberry project.

nolita 1 nolita 2 nolita 3 nolita 4 my new heels held up quite well.  though i felt very guilty subjecting them to the not so clean nyc sidewalk.nolita 5

celine bam bam

i didn’t make a wardrobe planning list this summer, but in the back of my mind, i was on the hunt for a few items.  one of the most important was a pair of black espadrilles or medium-heeled sandals to actually walk around the city in.  so you can imagine how delighted i was when i found these celine beauties on sale for 75% off.


the thick stacked heel is perfect for elevating an outfit, while still being comfortable for going out in nyc.  unless i am walking under 5 blocks, i am not (and will never be) one of those women teetering around on nyc sidewalks in 4 inch heels.


things i loved that didn’t work

i was going through some of my old posts looking for a recipe, and i was reminded of so many of the clothes, shoes, and bags that i purchased over the years that just didn’t end up working out.  as much as i love them when i got them, i found that they weren’t as functionally as i hoped, and i ended up reselling or returning them.

i have tried to be much more careful about my purchases, but unfortunately, my method is not perfect as i still end up regretting some (though far fewer) purchases.  posts like this are useful for me as i continually asses my tastes and shopping habits and see where i can improve.

1.  celine duffle bag

coffee with celine

this bag is so beautiful, but the shape made it impractical for my life.  i wasn’t able to carry documents in it, and the lack of pockets made it difficult to find anything.

2.  manolo blahnik sedarby heels

manolo blahnik sedaraby 2

i still think these are gorgeous.  but i just don’t have the kind of social life that requires me to wear brocade and jewel-encrusted pumps more than once a year.

3.  jimmy choo peep toe pumps

jimmy choo 2

although i wear these all the time, i have learned that for the most part, jimmy choo shoes do not work for my feet.  the patent leather on these were so stiff, and the peep toe cut into my toes the moment i put them on.

4.  alaia dress

alaia 1

this one is surprising, because i just bought it.  it is truly a work of art, but the wool and the folds made it so heavy.  i walk to work and all around nyc, and the dress’s weight meant that it was not practical for more casual use.

memphis snapshots

i took a quick weekend trip to memphis last month.  i had fun exploring another city in my home state that i had not been to since i was a kid.  i remembered, however, that i as much as i love tennessee, i do not miss those 90 degree summers.

memphis 1 my open face breakfast sandwich.memphis 2 the afternoon light in our room at the peabody hotel.memphis 3my chair at the beauty shop.  so fun.
memphis 4 a pensive cat in a pet store window.memphis 5 i was oddly intrigued by this wallpaper/tile combination at graceland.memphis 6 i also loved elvis’s fabric lined game room.memphis 7 the site of mlk’s assassination.memphis 8 the view of the mississippi river from the roof of the peabody.memphis 9beale street at dusk.


these shoes were made for walking

hands down, the most worn pair of shoes in my closet are my black pointy flats.  as much as i love my heels, with all the traveling that i do, i need shoes that are stylish but comfortable.  plus, its much easier to run to catch a flight in flats than heels.

my old black pointy flats were from london sole, and while they are cute, they did not hold up well this year (despite my preventive measures).  i had my eyes on these tabitha simmons hermione flats, but waited until the 3rd markdown on them to take the plunge.

tabitha 1 tabitha 2

i love how elegant they are, and the mary jane strap adds just a bit of fun.  i will report back on how they are holding up.  they need a trip to the cobbler before they are ready to brave the streets of nyc.


sugar paper

okay, i went a little crazy during the sugar paper la sample sale.  i love sending handwritten notes to tell people i am thinking of them, and i completely agree with everything printed on the lovely card that came with my goodies.

sugar paper 1 i learned how to letterpress in college, and i completely fell in love with it.  there is nothing like running your hands over luscious piece of think paper and feel the indentions of a hundred year old press.sugar paper 2as you can see, i stocked up on christmas cards to give out later this year.


color study: red

i have been in a pink phase for the better part of this past year, but there is something about this summer that is making me rediscover red.  these beautiful red peonies were a lovely gift that match with my new iro peony this jacket is the perfect complement to pretty much everything in my wardrobe.  it makes a simple t shirt and jeans look so much more special.iro jacket 1 iro jacket 2


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