Just in: The Row loafers

After COVID and all the life changes over the past few years, I came to the sad realization that I will never again wear stilettos. I sent off several pairs to The Real Real, and realized that I needed more comfortable flats that aren’t sneakers or sandals. I found this pair of loafers from The Row on super sale, and the leather is soft and luxurious. Plus, the bright color will punch up my outfits.

Cabinet organization

So much has changed in this past year. Part of what kept me sane was having an organizational system in place, so I didn’t have to spend excess time and energy figuring out where things went. Organizational systems need maintenance, though, and I had neglected this until recently. I am currently going through the whole house to see what I can improve, and the kitchen is first. While this spice/baking cabinet was okay before, I knew it could be improved.

I used mostly blue Ball jars that I already had, but ordered these spice jars from Amazon. A few hours spent consolidating, labeling with a white paint pen or stickers, rearranging, and tossing out unusable items resulted in a new cabinet system that makes me happy every time I open it.



Hello again!

Hope you have been well! This has been the longest break I have had from this space. Lots of changes around here since my last post, including a new puppy, a new home, and a new baby. I hope to resume posting semi-regularly if the aforementioned small creatures will allow it.

Winter in Connecticut hasn’t been too bad yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from ordering a few new cashmere pieces to tide me over. I have bought one exceptional sweater each year for the past five or so years, and I now have a great collection of high quality pieces. One of my favorite places to buy from is Eric Bompard, which I first learned about on a trip to Paris many years ago. This sweater, and matching hat and scarf did not disappoint.