abc v

i finally made it to abc v a few weekends ago.  the vegetarian and health-focused menu was so delightful that my friend and i ate until we couldn’t feel our stomachs anymore.  the most interesting thing i had was the coconut yogurt topped with pistachio granola (first picture).  i think i am going to try my hand at making my own.



paint the town blue

during the first week of may, tiffany painted parts of new york tiffany blue to celebrate reed krakoff’s first jewelry collection for the brand.  i didn’t manage to spot any blue taxis or metrocards, but i did walk by this bodega on the way to the theater district one night.

evidently all the flowers were hand made by the tiffany’s creative team.  such a fun way to welcome spring.

Tiffany 1Tiffany 2Tiffany 3

just in: celine trifold bag

i recently reached a personal milestone, and there was no better way to reward myself than with this gorgeous plum-colored celine trifold bag.  the size is perfect for me for work (admittedly, i don’t tote around my life), and the pebbled leather is surprisingly resistant.

Celine 1Celine 2Celine 3Celine 4

these slots are perfect for my metrocard and building pass.

the grey

one of my favorite meals in savannah was at the grey.  the name comes from the restaurant’s former life as a greyhound bus station, and the interior decor is mid-century modern bus station chic.

sorry i only have 1 picture of the interior – i was too focused on the delicious food.  the restaurant website has some great shots if you want to see more.

the grey 1the grey 2the grey 3the grey 4the grey 5the grey 6the grey 7the grey 8

savannah snapshots

i recently spent a long weekend in savannah, ga.  it was a perfect getaway from nyc, where we mostly just shopped, ate, and walked around.  the squares are as charming as everyone says, and the old historic homes are just breathtaking.

our hotel was right on the river, and one of my favorite things to do was watch the barges sail by in the early morning.

here are a few of my favorite shots.

Savannah 2Savannah 3Savannah 4Savannah 5Savannah 6Savannah 7Savannah 8

savannah shopping finds

i recently spent a long weekend in savannah, ga, where i basically just walked and ate my way through the city.  i am still wading through my photos but in the meantime, here are the goodies i came home with.

the necklace is from the scad store.  the artist takes old pieces from the 20s and 30s and reworks them into modern statement jewelry.  i’m not really sure why i got new matches, other than the fact that long matches are so chic.  beneath everything is a french linen bread bag.

savannah shopping 1

wanted to capture some of the detail on this gorgeous bar of chocolate.

savannah shopping 2

sorry for the blurry picture.  i pretty much bought the candle because of the description.

savannah shopping 3