ha long bay, vietnam

we stayed at the beautiful vin pearl ha long bay resort during our first stop in vietnam.  it was probably the closest i have ever felt to living out a james bond movie.  a small boat takes you to the resort, which occupies its own island in the bay.  for some reason, the resort was pretty unoccupied most of the time we were there, so we had the beach entirely to ourselves.  i was definitely too busy relaxing to take many pictures.



chiang mai, thailand

as i went through my asia photos, i realized that i had the most photos of chiang mai.  as a vegetarian, it was my favorite place to eat (my next post will be devoted to food photos) since there were so many vegetarian and vegan outdoor cafes.  the city was completely walkable, and there was so much to do and see nearby.


farmer’s market brunch

to celebrate my first weekend in my newly renovated apartment (pictures to come!), i went to the union square greenmarket and picked up farm eggs, micro greens (evidently this is just baby arugula), chèvre, and fresh sourdough bread.  i made an open face sandwich, and it ended up being one of the best brunches i have had in a while.


phuket, thailand

i spent an amazing 2.5 weeks at the end of january traveling through southeast asia.  as with my trip last year to italy and malta, i plan to devote each post to a different city.  we started the journey in bangkok, but since we were so jet lagged and only had a day, phuket was the first city i documented.

we stayed right on the beach, and took an amazing tour to the islands to see the sights.


carine gilson set

one of the points marie kondo makes in “the life changing magic of tidying up” is that you should have a different set of clothes for rest and sleeping than what you wear during the day.  while the idea seemed nice, i wasn’t quite sure how pajamas were really that much better than a soft rumbled t shirt.

of course that was until i laid eyes on this beauty during the winter sales.  the purple silk is so vibrant, and the handmade black lace is both feminine and strong.  i also plan to wear the cami under a black blazer for a night out.

now, i still sleep in my rumpled t shirts 90% of the time, but on that night i want to feel extra special, this fits the bill.


sale finds

my bathroom renovations are finally underway, and with them, a large portion of my budget is now devoted to the materials and labor costs.  therefore, my new year’s resolution was to go 3 months without buying any article of clothing/accessory.  i know this may not seem like a lot to many readers of this blog, but over the years, shopping has become such a hobby (and habit) that the restraint has required more resolve than i anticipated.

i’m not sure how many readers of this little corner of the internet stop by to see what is new to my closet, so i am going to devote a few posts to some recent acquisitions that you have not yet seen.  first up is this a.m.a.z.i.n.g blazer and shoes.  i do have a great foundation of basics in my wardrobe, but i found that it was lacking the charm of pieces that are not so versatile but are still so fun that they make you smile.

these items definitely make me smile (especially since they were both over 75% off!).

{dries van noten schoolboy blazer}


{christian louboutin top street velvet mary janes}


perfect pieces: christian louboutin tortoise shell pump

remember this post from 4 years ago?  as i hoped, those manolos became a great staple in my work wardrobe.  i wore them multiple times a week every year since i bought them.  however, after numerous trips to the cobbler to replace the soles and the heel taps, i finally realized that they were beyond resuscitation.

i went to the bergdorf goodman the day after christmas to see if i could find replacements, and i have literally never witnessed such utter chaos in my life.  this includes being in a train station in india.  grown women were hoarding shoes in shopping bags and under their chairs (assuming they could even find a chair to sit in), and shouting at each other and the salespeople.  i somehow managed to find the below in my size, bought them as quickly as i could, and got out without looking back.

i then decided that it would be a good time to see the tree at rockafeller center, which was probably the only place in new york more insane that bergdorf goodman that day.  i clearly lost my mind.  worth it for beautiful shoes at 75% off?  likely not.  but i do love them, and hope they will last at least another 4 years.


also, as an aside, how has it already been almost 5 years that i have had this blog???