i don’t know what it was about this trip, but i absolutely fell head over heels for rome.  i remember being unimpressed when i visited in college, and now i realize how completely wrong i was.  the city is unspeakably beautiful, and there was so much to do and see.  i could have easily spent the full 2 weeks here alone and been more than satisfied.

sorry this is such a picture heavy post.  i wanted to put all of these up just to remember what an amazing experience it was.



milan snapshots

as i mentioned earlier, i spent an amazing two weeks traveling through italy and malta.  i think i could take every vacation to italy.  the food, the people, the architecture…everything was amazing.  since i took about 349,098,237 pictures, i am going to break up the posts by city.

first up, milan.


i think i ate all the cheese.

italy shopping finds

i spent an amazing 2 weeks in august traveling around italy and malta.  i’m still sorting through my photos, but in the meantime, i thought i would post about the few things i picked up during my trip.

italy findspictured:  1) green eres swimsuit that i have been searching for forever (sorry about the wrinkles); 2) louis vuitton pouch; 3) tom ford white suede perfume; and 4) murano glass bead necklace


the details on this necklace deserve a close up.  i am slightly terrified of wearing it and potentially breaking a bead, but i am in love.

almond flour lemon yogurt cake

i know a lot of people love to hate her, but lately some of my favorite recipes have been from gwyneth paltrow’s site goop.  many of the recipes use healthier substitutes (this one has almond flour and yogurt) without sacrificing flavor.  i have never cooked from her other cookbooks, but i can say that the recipes i have tried from “it’s all easy” have used easy to find ingredients and were actually easy.

this cake made a lovely addition to my sunday morning breakfast.



travel essentials part 2

i can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since this post on my favorite travel items.  since then, i have racked up tens of thousands of more miles on various trips, for work and pleasure.  i am constantly honing my travel regime, and these are the products that make the process infinitely easier.

1) wipes.  these are the least glamorous items on my list, but one of the most essential.  after stretches of being on a plane every week and becoming promptly sick, i am now one of those crazy people who wipes everything down when i first sit down in an airplane seat.  the face wipes are great for refreshing in a pinch and even wiping stains off leather.

wipes 2)  cashmere travel set.  i recently read an article on how sometimes airlines don’t actually wash the blanket and pillow they give you between flights.  within 5 minutes, i ordered my own blanket, eye mask, and pillowcase set because set 3)  wireless headphones.  they keep me semi sane when seated next to, or on the same plane as, a screaming baby.  and they are pink.headphones 4)  prepacked clear toiletry kit.  this is hands down the best thing to make last minute trips so much easier.  i keep this kit stocked with all the things i need for anywhere from 1 to 7 nights away.  therefore, i can grab it and go, without worrying if i have lip balm or q tips.  my kit includes:  shampoo, conditioner, face wash, day moisturizer with spf, night cream, eye cream, mouthwash, floss, toothpaste, toothbrush (i have an electric toothbrush but this is in case it runs out of battery or i forget it), floss, laundry stain solution, disposable razor, lip balm, q tips, cotton balls, tweezers, nail clippers, hairbands, nail polish remover wipe, and a small comb.  if i am traveling for work, i add in my foundation and lip gloss.  in my carryon, i keep another small bag packed with earplugs, ibuprofen, deodorant, and a hairbrush.liquids 1 liquids 2 5)  ultra lightweight suitcase.  my old anya hindmarch suitcase served me well for over 6 years and hundreds of thousands of miles travelled.  when the zipper broke again and i found new holes in the lining, i realized it was probably time to let it rest.  i did a lot of research on the many options out there and finally settled on the rimowa salsa air.  it weighs only 4 pounds, and the double zip pockets in the interior allow you to compress your packed items.suitcase 1 i also love the built in tsa approved combination lock.suitcase 2


breakfast sandwich

i sometimes find myself going down a youtube rabbit hole, and the next thing i know, hours have passed and i have watched countless 3-5 minute clips.  one of my favorite channels lately has been from vogue.  their 73 question interviews are so fun, and occasionally, i stumble on something incredibly useful.  case in point – this quick video on making the perfect breakfast sandwich.

below is my version of the sandwich.  i swapped out the ciabatta for brioche, and used homemade lox instead of prosciutto on my bf’s.  this was the perfect sunday morning brunch to break us out of our frittata rut.

sandwich 1 sandwich 2


chloe drew sale find

when i first moved to nyc, i was so excited to complete my wardrobe with all my fabulous sample sale finds.  i had heard that sample sales (almost) made the noise, traffic, and the outrageously high rent prices in this city worth it.  well, almost 5 years later, i have exactly 0 items still in my closet from a sample sale.

chloe 1

or had.  this chloe beauty just called my name when i saw it.  the problem with most sample sales is that typically, only the most seasonal or trendy items make it to the sale, and people are often persuaded by the low price to purchase something they ordinarily would not.  and if you wouldn’t buy something full price, why would you buy it on sale?

this beautiful chloe drew bag definitely does not fall into that category.  it has the classic shape but includes pretty much the only colors that i wear.  the fact that it was so marked down is just the cherry on top.

chloe 2



nolita date night

i had so much fun exploring little italy nolita on a gorgeous saturday evening.  we walked around enjoying a street fair, and had drinks at the mulberry project.

nolita 1 nolita 2 nolita 3 nolita 4 my new heels held up quite well.  though i felt very guilty subjecting them to the not so clean nyc sidewalk.nolita 5