i thought it would be fun to post about my little every day indulgences.

muji notebooks and uchida le pens.  i spend all day writing (for work and pleasure) so nothing makes me happier than using lovely stationery.  while not the most expensive notebooks, they are a huge step up from the notepads and post-its that i used in the past.

stationery i swear these pens make everyone’s writing beautiful.uchida le pen china teacups and saucers, from teroforma.  i don’t drink tea, so i use these for my morning coffee.  it is such a civilized way to start the day.teroforma teapcups luxury candles.  one of my best friends gasped when she learned how much i spend on candles and exclaimed: “you are literally burning money!”  point taken.

this is a billy reid candle.  because of course he makes wonderful candles.

billy reid candle