shoeshaving just cleaned out my closet (again), i can see a few holes that i would like to fill.  as much as i am trying to reduce clutter, i am never going to be one of those shoppers who stick to the mythical five piece french wardrobe (french women are so great!  they eat croissants and still stay skinny!  they only buy 5 things a year and their wardrobe is better than yours ever will be!  i am perhaps paraphrasing.  you should google it for unbiased info.)  however, i think planning a bit about what i want/need will help me stay focused while shopping.  upon a first pass, this is what i would like to add to my wardrobe:

1) black ankle boots.

2) black flats.  i have patent tortoise and snakeskin stilettos, yet no black flats.  i clearly have priorities.

3) jeans.  i don’t own a single pair.  a dear friend accused me of being unamerican when she found out.  joanna, if you are reading this, i am talking about you.  though, to be fair, you had a point.

4) navy slim pants.  because i only own one pair of pants, and they are black.  i know. i don’t know what is wrong with me.

5) day-to-evening dress.  because who has time for a complete outfit change when going out after work?  and who is tired of going out to dinner in silk blouses and pencil skirts?  (me.  that’s who.)

6) navy camisole.  to wear with my future navy pants.

7) printed cashmere sweater.  because i have one in mind but it is so expensive that i can’t buy it now.  and when i do buy it, having it on my list will make the ridiculous purchase seem more legit.