so something a bit crazy happened while i was in australia.  an opportunity came up for work in singapore, and i was invited to go for a few days.  i immediately said yes, but then realized i had nothing to wear.  now, i’m not being dramatic.  i literally had nothing.  all i brought to australia were flip flops, sneakers, t-shirts, and shorts.

i spent a day running around melbourne to get some basics to look decently business appropriate, and even had to buy makeup.  when it came to the shoes, i was faced with the decision of buying a cheap pair that i would just wear and toss after singapore or a pair that has been on my list forever that was (a bit) more expensive but would be keepers.

i bet you can guess which one i chose.

say hello to my beautiful chanel ballet flats.

chanel 1 chanel 2 when i came back to america, these babies went straight to the cobbler and then were coated twice with leather protecting spray.  paranoid much?chanel 3i sometimes just want to look at them all day.