my apartment makeover is continuing in baby steps, mostly because of the crazy amount of traveling i have been doing this year.  next up is the bedroom.

here are some before pictures from the day i moved in:

bedroom before 1 the same sad taupe wall paint.bedroom before 2 with furniture.  why is there a random shelf in the corner???hallway beforehallway from bedroom looking into the bathroom (also pre-makeover).

and now the best part – the after.

bedroom after 1 i got a proper bed from anthropologie to replace the metal frame my mattress had been on.  bedroom after 2 gorgeous bed linens, marble table lamp, and rug also from anthropologie.  i tend to stalk their sale section for home goods.

the mirrored chest is from one kings lane.bedroom after 3you can see that not much changed.  i painted the walls white and added furniture and accessories.

i got this print from a vintage store in philadelphia when i was visiting for a friend’s wedding.

arta look at the hallway after.hallway afterother than the paint, the only change was the light fixture.

i replaced the standard issue light with something much more lovely.


bedroom light beforeafter:bedroom light after