like most people, i have been finding myself short on time these days.  i have spent a lot of the summer running around, and while i have had some amazing experiences, i was feeling pretty run down.  on top of that, although i really try to keep an edited apartment and wardrobe, i was becoming overwhelmed by the amount of stuff. my home was become more a source of stress and less the refuge i wanted it to be from hectic city life.


my good friend sarah from work was raving about this book, and i thought it was worth a try.  honestly, after a crazy week going through every drawer and cabinet in my apartment, i can say i am a convert.  plus, now every time i open my closet, i smile.  wanna take a look?

closet 1 like items with like, and then arranged lightest to darkest.closet 2 i still need to make better use of the vertical space, but it works for now.closet 3 tank topscloset 4 i don’t think my workout clothes have ever looked so pretty.closet 6marie kondo is right – folding sweaters vertical is so much better.  this method has created so much more space and has helped prevent wrinkles.

anyone who has spoken to me over the last few weeks knowing that i am a raving lunatic about this book now.  just a fair warning though – you might want to keep your family and significant others away if you try out the method.  a very important part of the process is thanking your belongings before you donate or recycle them, and i have to tell you, there is nothing like showing your boyfriend how crazy you are by spending a weekend talking to your spoons.