when i moved into my new place, the bathroom was in a sad state.  the walls were painted a glossy blue, the wood on the vanity was cheap (and warped), and the medicine cabinets made the space feel smaller than it already was.  since this is the first home i have purchased (!), i wanted to be very smart about the remodeling decisions i made.

i didn’t think ahead to take pictures of the “before,” but here is the photo from the original listing:

bathroom old

the professional lighting makes it look much nicer than it was.  i repainted the space (using benjamin moore’s “simply white”) and switched out the vanity, medicine cabinet, light fixture, and toilet.  i don’t love the floor tiles, but they are in good shape and are too expensive to redo.

here is the after:bathroom 1 the new toilet is the “memoirs” toilet from kohler.bathroom 2 bathroom 3 i feel like the gorgeous new faucet (by watermark) deserves another look.bathroom 4i am so in love with the changes.  i want to eventually completely remodel the shower (the tiles are depressing), but will need to save a bit more before i can.