when i moved into my apartment, i had this grand idea that i would do a series of “before and afters” after each piece of the apartment was completed.  well, a year later, no single room is completely done.  the bathroom is going to get a new shower, i have no lamps in my bedroom (or artwork), and the kitchen is still awaiting a backsplash.  so, i thought i would show you the current state of my living room.

not much as changed since my last apartment, though it certainly feels more spacious since my place is much bigger.

living room 1 the purple stools are from target (sold out now).  side tables are ikea, and sofa is mitchell gold liam.  the acrylic cubes are pb teen, but i can’t find them online anymore.living room 2 wooden lamp is from jcpenney.living room 3 my gallery wall as grown considerably since this post.living room 4 tv stand is ikea.  that empty corner will get a chair at some point.living room 5these roses were just too pretty to not have their close-up.