i moved into a new (bigger!) apartment at the end of november, and i have been having a great time getting it into shape.  my first order of business was to paint the walls (previously a heinous glossy (why???) taupe) a matte light gray (i used benjamin moore’s moonshine in eggshell).  the reason the walls were so important to me is because my home never feels like a home until my art is up.

gallery wall 1

i fiddled around with the arrangement of my gallery wall since my last place, and i am much, much happier with it now.  i am by no means an art hanging expert, but here are a few things that i learned since then:

1) try to avoid mats.  most pictures don’t need them, and they tend to create unnecessary holes in a composition.

2) hang pictures in a set together.  i know this sounds silly, but i would try to mix and match everything before, which was clearly a mistake.

3) try to create horizontal or vertical lines of space between pictures throughout for harmony.  i used 3 such lines.

4) try to put the piece with the heaviest visual weight (in my case, the trumpet player drawing) in the center.  otherwise, it will tend to drag the eye to wherever it is placed.

5) don’t rush!  i never buy art to fill a space.  i buy what i love, and then i find a place for it later.

gallery wall 2