moving seven times in the last four years (ahhhh….student life) has seriously caused me to reevaluate all the stuff in my life.  i have spent so much money over the years on clothes, shoes, bags, books, and knickknacks, that i just do not need.  my new year’s resolution for 2012 was to shop less, but shop smarter.  i now try to only bring things into my life that add something to it.  i am not quite perfect, but i am getting much closer.

as i packed up my wardrobe again, i realized that i do have some things that are perfect for my wants and needs.  a few years ago, i was looking for a pair of black work pumps.  my criteria was 1) round toe, 2) no more than 3 inch heels, 3) no logos (or red soles), 4) full leather upper and full leather sole, and 5) COMFORTABLE.

enter the kate spade karolina shoe.

although i found them on sale, they were still quite a splurge at the time.  three years, lots of walking on nyc streets, and multiple trips to the cobbler later, they still look amazing.

most importantly, i am still thrilled every time i open my closet and see them inside.  worth every penny.