how long do your shoes last?  i mean the ones that you actually wear, not the ones that are reserved for weddings or nights where the main activity is sitting at a restaurant.  i have a pair that are over 5 years old, though i was admittedly precious with them the first few years i wore them.  some others make it 1-2 years tops.

i try to extend my shoes’ lives by buying good quality and spending time with my cobbler, but sometimes that is not enough.  i bought these manolos with the hope they would be forever pieces, but 2.5 years later the suede was scuffed up beyond repair and my feet slipped out so often that i began tripping.  the manolos were meant to replace these, which lasted about 2 years.

clearly i haven’t learned my lesson with the black suede, because i picked up these sergio rossi classic pumps on super sale.  i hope they don’t stretch as much, and that my next post on classic black pumps is more than 2.5 years after this one.

sergio rossi