as much as i love fashion and well made clothes, one area that i refused to shell out money was activewear.  i am not a hard core gym rat or runner, and figured i could just as easily sweat in $20 capris from target as $100 capris from lululemon.  plus, my exercise tees wear out so quickly that it didn’t make sense to spend a lot on them.

but then i stumbled into the outdoor voices store in soho and i was a goner.  the fabric feels like it is made from “clouds and magic” (the new york times agrees) and the cuts are just so flattering.  this kit (the running sweats and matching hoodie) has been glued to my body all weekend.  i know i am going to have to wash it at some point, but i am going to put that off as long as possible (i.e., i will wait until people comment on the weird smell coming from me).

outdoor voices 1 outdoor voices 2this is also going to become my new go-to flying outfit.  it (almost) makes me excited to get on a plane.