santorini snapshots

we are in the tail end of an amazing trip in the greek isles, and  we started our way through in santorini.  the views, the food, the people, and the architecture were simply stunning.  i can see why santorini is such a popular honeymoon location, and i feel very lucky that we were able to spend 3 days there.


jewelry box

after years of stashing my jewelry in various pouches and boxes, i invested in this beautiful smythson jewelry box from shop ual.


my favorite part is that the top covered tray is meant to be portable and used for travel.  it helps keep in me organized while make sure my jewelry is protected.

jewelry box 2jewelry box 3jewelry box 4jewelry box 5

london classics

the last bit of my london shopping included these two classics.  first, the louis vuitton train case is something i have had my eye on.  i’ve seen people use it for home decor, for travel, and some even as a bag.  i’m afraid to ruin its pristine condition so it is currently sitting out on display.  once i get over that though, i think it will be a great companion for my travels.

lv 1lv 2

second, i have had an hermes scarf on my list for so long but never took the plunge.  that was, however, until i saw this stunner of a pattern.


i was playing around with the scarf and realized that i could fashion it into a bag, reminiscent of this one that i love but this is way too expensive for that it is.

hermes 2

abc v

i finally made it to abc v a few weekends ago.  the vegetarian and health-focused menu was so delightful that my friend and i ate until we couldn’t feel our stomachs anymore.  the most interesting thing i had was the coconut yogurt topped with pistachio granola (first picture).  i think i am going to try my hand at making my own.



paint the town blue

during the first week of may, tiffany painted parts of new york tiffany blue to celebrate reed krakoff’s first jewelry collection for the brand.  i didn’t manage to spot any blue taxis or metrocards, but i did walk by this bodega on the way to the theater district one night.

evidently all the flowers were hand made by the tiffany’s creative team.  such a fun way to welcome spring.

Tiffany 1Tiffany 2Tiffany 3