apartment progress 6

the apartment is almost all wrapped up. just waiting on the countertop backsplash, final plumbing, and moving day. so close, i can’t wait! sorry for the picture heavy post ahead.

i love our new dresser in the foyer
french doors unveiled!
pretty much the bathroom of my dreams
we chose quartzite for the countertops. i love the look of the marble but cook too much to constantly worry about the upkeep.
i love that the new floor stain still shows the detail of the original 1920’s floors

apartment progress 4

things are coming along and we are only looking at a few more weeks of work. i have to admit that i am pretty eager to move. the kitchen cabinets are in and the bathroom is nearly complete. just floor staining, painting, countertops, and finishing touches to go!

was unsure about the color at first but now i love it
these will be glass french doors
oh and the appliances have arrived!

new to me celine tote

you might have noticed a lack of shopping posts over the last few months.  one of my resolutions was to go three months without buying any clothes or accessories.  the apartment renovations and carrying two mortgages has been $$$, so this was one way to help relieve some financial stress.  i’m happy to report that i have mainly stuck to that resolution, with the exception of one $60 j.crew sweater.

before the shopping ban started on january 1, i found this gorgeous celine tote on the realreal for a fraction of the store price.  i know i have another burgundy celine bag, but i just love them both so much.  i also sold a few other bags so my overall number has remained the same.  man, I will justify anything won’t i?  🙂


the first five

one of my new year’s resolutions was to read 25 books in 2019.  i love reading, but when work gets insane, it becomes much harder to focus with a book at the end of the day.  pictured below are the first five i finished.  if i had to pick a favorite, it would be rules of civility.

and yes, i still can’t tear myself away from physical books.