general tso’s tofu

as soon as i saw an instagram story of someone making this recipe, i knew i had to try it.  i didn’t have all the ingredients and subbed where i could, but even with the imperfections, it turned out beautifully (and delicious!).

i dished it up with spinach and brown rice, but next time, i will definitely use white rice and broccoli.  also, i’m not a food blogger, but i promise i am going to try to take better food pictures this year!


swedish stockings

i had been looking for wool panty hose all winter until i came across the brand swedish stockings at reformation in nyc.  the store was sold out of my size, so i checked out their website.  swedish stockings is the first sustainable hosiery brand, and the lovely packing and overall experience sure beats trying to find the right pair of hose at bloomingdales (the last time i was there, i was stuck behind a woman for 20 minutes who refused to complete her transaction without her hosiery stamp card…it was special).  i ended up getting two pairs, and will report back on how well they hold up.


zucchini pancakes

you know those recipes that are so easy that you can remember them after making them once?  and are perfect for using the sad mediocre produce that is the only thing you can find in the winter?  yea, ina’s zucchini pancakes recipe is one of those.  so quick, so delicious, and turned our perfectly on the first try.


a new year

one of my favorite traditions every year to to buy a new planner.  although my iphone is great, i find it easier to write down all the thoughts in my head on an actual piece of paper.  late last year, i was so excited to find this smythson diary on sale in this gorgeous faux crocodile.