sezane nyc

over the holidays, i finally made it to the sezane store in nolita.  for those of you who are not familiar with the brand, sezane is a direct-to-consumer women’s clothing and accessories company started in paris.  because there is no middleman, the brand is able to better control quality, production, and price point.

the nyc store is an absolute gem, with serious decor inspiration.  if you want even more inspiration, check out sezane founder morgane sezalory’s paris apartment here.

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louis vuitton – volez, voguez, voyagez

for those of you in nyc, i would highly recommend a trip downtown to see the louis vuitton “volez, voguez, voyagez” exhibit.  every room has a different theme that mixes the old and new.  the best part?  it is totally free.  probably the best deal you will ever get from lv.

here are some of the pictures i snapped.  my favorite room was the one with the red carpet dresses.


holiday scenes

a few pictures i snapped around the apartment this christmas season:

our tree.  this what happens when you buy all your christmas decorations from anthropologie.

Christmas 1

the second year we have used this peacock as a tree topper.

Christmas 2

decided to have some hot chocolate with my marshmallows.  (both vegan!)

Christmas 3

went a bit crazy with the sugar paper + target christmas collection.

Christmas 4

we don’t have a mantle so our tv console is covered with the cards we received from dear friends.  #newyorkcitylife

Christmas 5

big sur

when we were in carmel, we drove down highway 1 and caught golden hour and the sunset in big sur.  i have had the joy of seeing a lot of places is this world, but i am not sure that there are many landscapes that took my breath away like this.  i am not a photographer, but these unfiltered iPhone pictures hopefully convey some of the magic.


carmel valley ranch

i was lucky to spend my birthday weekend at the beautiful carmel valley ranch in carmel valley, california.  the property was spectacular, and the staff was welcoming and lovely. i sadly didn’t get a shot of our room before our things exploded all over it, so let’s start with the view from our balcony.


one of the property’s many hiking trails




the sunrise from our balcony


amazing outdoor tub


our room’s two-way fireplace


pumpkin pancakes.  the hotel’s food so absolutely delicious.


huevos rancheros

CVR 10

just in: classic black pumps

how long do your shoes last?  i mean the ones that you actually wear, not the ones that are reserved for weddings or nights where the main activity is sitting at a restaurant.  i have a pair that are over 5 years old, though i was admittedly precious with them the first few years i wore them.  some others make it 1-2 years tops.

i try to extend my shoes’ lives by buying good quality and spending time with my cobbler, but sometimes that is not enough.  i bought these manolos with the hope they would be forever pieces, but 2.5 years later the suede was scuffed up beyond repair and my feet slipped out so often that i began tripping.  the manolos were meant to replace these, which lasted about 2 years.

clearly i haven’t learned my lesson with the black suede, because i picked up these sergio rossi classic pumps on super sale.  i hope they don’t stretch as much, and that my next post on classic black pumps is more than 2.5 years after this one.

sergio rossi



the impetus for this trip to croatia was largely to see dubrovnik.  i had heard so much about this magical city, and yes, even though it was crowded and sometimes hot, it was just as magical as people have described.  the cliffs, the red roofs, the winding stone streets, the shining diamond of the ocean…i still see it all in my dreams.  there are very few places that i feel the urge to revisit, but dubrovnik is certainly on that list.

dubruvnik 1dubruvnik 2dubruvnik 3dubruvnik 4dubruvnik 5dubruvnik 6dubruvnik 7dubruvnik 8dubruvnik 9