just in: masur gavriel bucket bag

after selling and donating a few more things from my closet, i was thrilled to add this mansur gavriel blush pink bucket bag to my collection.  it has been on my wishlist for some time, and has proven to be such an easy bag to use around the city.

for those of you interested in a bag in this color from the line, i will warn you that it picks up dirt very easily.  i have been wiping it down with nontoxic baby wipes and they have come right off.


five years

and just like that, this blog is five years old.  i started it my final year of law school, and i would have never guessed that i would still be doing it now.  thank you visiting this little corner of the internet.  i know some of you, but most of you, i do not.  i hope that this space continues to bring a bit of interest, beauty, and joy to your day.

it is perhaps fitting that this post is filled with pictures from philaldephia.  i went back for my 5 year reunion and remembered just how much i love that city.

the liberty bell


independence hall


love all these murals around the city


dinner at vedge


my favorite dessert ever.  salted caramel budino at barbuzzo.


blurry shot of the skyline from our hotel


homemade sourdough english muffins at the urban farmer


cinnamon ricotta doughnuts at talula’s garden


beautiful old architecture


summer sandals

i feel like i am always on a quest to find summer sandals that i walk miles in.  my two latest contenders are the beautiful pairs below from chloe and k.jacques.  so far, the chloes are more comfortable (surprising, because i was worried the knots would cause blisters) but maybe the leather on the others just needs to soften up.


diptyque sample sale finds

i was going through my camera roll and realized i forgot to post my purchases from the diptyque sample sale earlier this year.  i usually avoid sample sales because of the crowds and the fact that they tend to occur during weekdays.  however, the diptyque sale was around the corner from my office, so a co-worker and i ducked out to see what was not already sold out.  i got pretty lucky and found a candle of what may be my favorite scent.

diptyque 1

i have never tried any of their perfumes before, but the eau duel is a wonderful light, spicy vanilla that will be great for summer.


the soap is so beautiful, i will be sad to use it.

diptyque 3

south indian vegetable curry

now that the weather is finally warming up here in nyc, i’m so excited about the light and fresh fruits and vegetables that will be stocked at the farmer’s market.  i did take advantage of a recent cold rainy night to make one of my go-to comfort dishes – a south indian style vegetable curry.

of course now i can’t find the recipe that inspired the dish, but i will link to it if i find it later.


chanson nyc

while running errands this weekend, i dropped by a new french cafe and bakery in my neighborhood called chanson.  completely charmed by the decor and friendly staff, i picked up a few treats to try out.  of course i can’t remember the name of the pastry, but it was filled with hazelnut cream and was one of the best pastries i have had outside of france.

chanson 1chanson 2

souffléd omelet

one of my favorite traditions is to get up early on saturday morning and make brunch.  i have gotten into a frittata/pancake rut lately, so when i saw something called a souffléd omelet on instagram, i was instantly intrigued.

after some googling, i settled on this recipe.  the only changes i made was to use spinach instead of asparagus and spoon the goat cheese filling on top instead of instead and folding it over.  it was still delicious, and fancy enough to make brunch feel extra special.