veggie “meatballs”

as the temperature dips, the season of roasting vegetables comes closer and closer.  while i could easily eat an entire plate of roasted veggies, when i found this recipe that turned them into “meatballs,” i knew i had to try it.  i’m not a big fan of eggplant, so i used zucchini instead.  i’m happy to report that they turned out to be delicious.



paris favorites: michel chaudun chocolates

even though i have stayed in the 7th arrondissement before, this was my first time visiting michel chaudun’s chocolate shop.  i went there for the famous pave box, and of course left with even more.  even though i don’t smoke, i love how the chocolate box is shaped like a cigarette box.  tres chic.

Chanson 1Chanson 2

pave box.  make sure to keep refrigerated and eat within 10 days.  this was clearly not an issue for me, given that this picture was taken about 15 minutes after i left the shop.

Chanson 3

pascale monvoisin necklace

during my trip to paris, i visited the most charming jewelry store called white bird.  tucked between the rue saint honore and the tuileries, white bird is a calm respite from the throngs of tourists.  the store has the most amazing selection of independent designers, and i came home with this gorgeous necklace of uncut diamonds, enamel, and rose gold, crafted entirely in france.

pascale 1pascale 2

paris favorites: astier de villatte

when i was in paris, i found myself in a rainstorm and ducked into the astier de villatte shop on rue saint-honore for shelter.  i was familiar with their pottery because of abc home, but something about seeing it all stacked up in a charming store took my breath away.  i spent hours there, rummaging through all the options and narrowing down my shopping list.

although it is not for everyone, i love love love the handmade touch of their pieces.  no two items are the same, and there is a myriad of styles and options to choose from.  buying this much pottery was admittedly not my brightest idea, especially since i had to carry it around for the next week and half on flights and ferry rides through croatia and london.  amazingly, nothing was broken when i got back to nyc.  besides the design, i also love how light but strong each piece is.

for fans of the line, i should note that although still expensive, the prices ended up being about 30% cheaper in paris (after vat) than if i had bought them in the united states.

also fun tidbit – while i was there, i saw helen mirren.  she was wearing a floor length pleated duster coat with platform sneakers, and was easily the coolest and best dressed person that day.

my astier de village haul:

astier de villatte

french pharmacy finds

i took an amazing trip to paris, croatia, and london in august and am still sorting through my pictures to post.  as with many visitors to paris, one of my must do stops was the french pharmacy.  the internet and general interest in foreign beauty products means that many classic french brands (la roche posay, vichy, avenue, etc.) are readily available in the united states.  therefore, i tried to focus on products that were france specific.

here’s what i came back with.


the nuxe body oil used to be available in the united states, but i think the brand recently stopped their north american distribution.  it is too bad, because i will be so sad when this is done.  the oil smells like heaven, and can be used in the bath, on hair, on dry skin, and even as a perfume.

bioderma is generally available, but i haven’t seen these mini sizes (so great for travel!).

i have not tried to find the la roche redermic R, but forgot to bring my nightly retinol cream and was excited to try it.  this contains 1% retinol, which is the highest amount you can get over the counter.  i love retinol – it fights both acne and wrinkles (also can we discuss how unfair it is that we have to be concerned with both?).

pharmacy 2

i have to confess that i have no idea what these sanoflore serums are for.  the packaging is all in french.  i basically bought them because i saw them on a blog.

the nuxe lip balm is my favorite balm of.all.time.  it smells great, is light, but is also deeply moisturizing.  i have never seen it in a store in america, but there are some overseas sites that will ship it to the united states.

pharmacy 3

the marvis toothpaste is readily available, but it is so much cheaper over there that i wanted to try it.

biafine is basically french neosporin, but the packaging and name are so much chicer.

the serozinc is a spray toner with zinc that is supposed to be good for acne prone skin.  i have just started using it.  i will report back on the effectiveness.

pharmacy 4

weekend at the met

i finally got around to posting these pics of my visit to the met.  the main event was the costume institute show, but i also enjoyed the irving penn exhibit.  (sorry the text under the picasso picture is so blurry.  i loved the story so much that i thought it was worth posting anyway).


rachel comey finds

i have always loved rachel comey’s store on crosby street, but it wasn’t until this summer that i actually purchased anything.  i went in on a whim and come out with this gorgeous silk dress, perfect for a beach wedding i was attending.  i later went back for the matching shoes, and also found the beautiful draped black top.

i think my little rachel comey collection is coming along quite nicely.

Rachel Comey

lingerie and flowers

two of my favorite things.  it is a special day when i can treat myself to both.

the foxglove came from the farmer’s market.  the woman at the stand told me that lore has it that fairies would run through the forest, and the imprints on the leaves were their footprints.

foxglove 1foxglove 2

my lingerie drawer has been overtaken by neutrals, so i thought it was time to inject some pink back into it.

lingerie 1lingerie 2i can’t find a link to the blush set, but the hot pink set can be found here.

dover street market

even though it is only 10 minutes from my apartment, it wasn’t until recently that i went to check out the new york outpost of dover street market.  we had a lovely brunch there, and even sat next to rick owens and michele lamy!  the clothes are a bit out there, but work perfectly with the store’s clearly defined aesthetic.

dover street 1dover street 2

this was the first time i had clotted cream outside london.  americans definitely need to adopt it as part of our diets…so delicious.

dover street 3

acai bowls

ever since trader joe’s started carrying acai packets, i think i have made acai bowls about 3x a week.  they hit the spot on these hot nyc days, and making them at home is much for cost effective than paying $10+ at a juice bar.  i topped these with bananas, blueberries, and homemade granola.

i used this recipe.

acai bowl 1acai bowl 2