sticky toffee pudding

i was going through my photos and found this gem from thanksgiving.  a good friend of mine and i made this sticky toffee pudding, and it was easily one of the best desserts made in my kitchen.  the sauce was better than any salted caramel.  i wanted to sit in a corner and eat it with a spoon. oh and it was topped with vanilla whipped cream.  clearly I couldn’t wait to take the picture before digging in.


apartment before

many months ago, we bought a new apartment.  because of the joys of renovation approvals in nyc, we only just started doing the work.

as you may remember, i did some renovations on my current place a few years ago.  however, i have quickly learned that even though we aren’t moving walls, this is a whole other animal.  first, it is a prewar building, so who knows what we will find when we open walls.  second, the rules are much stricter, especially since the building is designated as a historical site.  finally, there are so many small decisions to make.   i now understand why people hire decorators.

here are some before pictures.  the kitchen was last renovated in the 80’s, and the bathroom is “original.”


brunch at sadelle’s

i had the most delightful brunch with a friend at sadelle’s in soho.  despite the (very) long wait for our meals, we really enjoyed the atmosphere and food.  the bagel sandwiches and crispy potatoes were delicious, and the sticky bun might just be my new favorite pastry treat in the city.  i still daydream about it…

i may have started eating the stick bun before i could snap a picture.


hunan slurp

after reading that hunan slurp in the east village was one of nytimes food critic pete well’s favorite eats for 2018, i knew i had to go.  the vegetarian option was just okay, but evidently the pork and beef were excellent, especially for a cold rainy day.

when we went, the restaurant didn’t have its liquor license yet so it was byob.  there are some great wine and liquor shops in the area, so that worked out well.

noodles 1noodles 2

inspired by the home edit

one of my favorite instagram accounts to follow is the home edit.  not only are clea and joanna hilarious, but their method of styling and organization provides some serious inspiration.  because i started buying blue ball jars years ago, i wasn’t going to recycle them all for the sake of organization aesthetics.  i decided to work with what i had, get a few baskets and trays, and this is what my cabinets look like now.  i didn’t “style” these for the photos, so they are more or less always like this now (depending on what food i have around).



chanel quilted flats

i never used to believe in spending money on flats, because i typically just wore them to the ground.  however, two things changed.  first, i stopped wearing heels with the same frequency and decided to spend more money on things that i used often.  second, i found that none of my flats lasted longer than a year.  i decided to try splurging on this classic pair, in hopes that i can least get 3-4 years out of them.  if i still have this blog then, i will report back.

they sure are pretty, aren’t they?


apartment vignettes + fall shopping list

we’ve been keeping the apartment pretty clean lately, so i thought it would snap a few pictures of some of my favorite corners.

IMG_0756IMG_0758IMG_0759i also decided to get back to my shopping list method of focusing on what i want for the season.  its funny that some of the items from my prior lists are still on there.  i either never found the item, or i bought one and it has since worn out.