the grey

one of my favorite meals in savannah was at the grey.  the name comes from the restaurant’s former life as a greyhound bus station, and the interior decor is mid-century modern bus station chic.

sorry i only have 1 picture of the interior – i was too focused on the delicious food.  the restaurant website has some great shots if you want to see more.

the grey 1the grey 2the grey 3the grey 4the grey 5the grey 6the grey 7the grey 8

savannah snapshots

i recently spent a long weekend in savannah, ga.  it was a perfect getaway from nyc, where we mostly just shopped, ate, and walked around.  the squares are as charming as everyone says, and the old historic homes are just breathtaking.

our hotel was right on the river, and one of my favorite things to do was watch the barges sail by in the early morning.

here are a few of my favorite shots.

Savannah 2Savannah 3Savannah 4Savannah 5Savannah 6Savannah 7Savannah 8

savannah shopping finds

i recently spent a long weekend in savannah, ga, where i basically just walked and ate my way through the city.  i am still wading through my photos but in the meantime, here are the goodies i came home with.

the necklace is from the scad store.  the artist takes old pieces from the 20s and 30s and reworks them into modern statement jewelry.  i’m not really sure why i got new matches, other than the fact that long matches are so chic.  beneath everything is a french linen bread bag.

savannah shopping 1

wanted to capture some of the detail on this gorgeous bar of chocolate.

savannah shopping 2

sorry for the blurry picture.  i pretty much bought the candle because of the description.

savannah shopping 3

sundays nail salon

if you are looking for a luxe yet low key manicure/pedicure in the flatiron area, i highly recommend sundays nail salon.  while it is not as cheap as most nyc nail places, the calming decor, the complimentary tea, and the soothing guiding meditation tracks make it a very special experience.

best of all?  the salon is completely nontoxic.

sundays 1sundays 2sundays 3

sundays 4

roasted squash with hazelnut gremolata

sorry for the long string of food-related posts.  i have been on a shopping ban (no clothes or accessories) since january 1st, for reasons i will describe later.  all the purchases i have shown in 2018 were made at the end of 2017, and now i am out of new items to blog about.  one of the good things about not mindlessly shopping is that you have a lot of time to focus on other things – like cooking.

winter is still cold in nyc, so i am roasting everything i can find.  this recipe for roasted squash with brown butter and a hazelnut gremolata turned out beautifully.


banana date muffins

it has been helpful to have healthy, filling snacks around as life and work get busier.  i tried these, and they ended up being delicious.  instead of the pumpkin seeds, i used some extra granola that i had around.

my only regret is that i baked them all at once instead of freezing half of them uncooked.  keeping frozen muffin batter is one of my favorite tricks because then you can have fresh muffins whenever you want.  all you need to do is oil your muffin tin, fill the cups, freeze, and then decant the frozen cups into another container.


muffins 2

sweet potato pancakes

one of my favorite places in nashville is the pancake pantry, a nashville institution.  no matter the weather, there is a line around the corner of tourists and locals alike who can’t wait for a delicious, unpretentious, down home breakfast.  i love ordering a half order of the sweet potato pancakes (you get 3 instead of 5) and a side of eggs.  i found myself missing home lately so did my best to recreate my favorite breakfast at home.

i used this recipe.

pancakes 1pancakes 2pancakes 3



just in: nude stilettos

after 6 years of faithful service, my nude pumps became so discolored and worn down that i couldn’t justify wearing them anymore.  i was about to replace them with a classic stiletto, but the below picture of meghan markle during her engagement announcement inspired me to step outside of the box a bit.


her aquazzura pumps are classic, but the ties give them a sexy twist.  i don’t find aquazzura shoes to be particularly comfortable, so i was delighted to find the below manolos during the saks after christmas sale.  here’s to another 6 years.

manolo 1manolo 2