Closet switch

Even though I wear about 10% of my clothes these days, I still enjoy the seasonal closet switch and clear out. This ritual makes me feel like one day, things will get back to a new normal. Here is what the closet looks like these days. The knits (sweaters, sweater dresses, and sweater skirts) are in heavy rotation.

Kitchen Organization Part 1

January has been a no shopping month for me. As the pandemic is still raging, I also haven’t been on any trips or out to eat. Therefore, I have turned my attentions to cleaning and organizing our home, and our kitchen is first home. Some selective pruning and rearranging later, and these cooking/baking drawers and cabinets are ready to go.

52 books in 52 weeks

I achieved a reading goal this year that I never thought I would – I read 52 books in 52 weeks. I suppose there is a slight upside to being home all day, and focusing more on books and less on screens.

The below books are from my last batch. I had tried and failed to finish The Luminaries for years, so I thought it was a great book to finish this challenge with.