dover street market

even though it is only 10 minutes from my apartment, it wasn’t until recently that i went to check out the new york outpost of dover street market.  we had a lovely brunch there, and even sat next to rick owens and michele lamy!  the clothes are a bit out there, but work perfectly with the store’s clearly defined aesthetic.

dover street 1dover street 2

this was the first time i had clotted cream outside london.  americans definitely need to adopt it as part of our diets…so delicious.

dover street 3


acai bowls

ever since trader joe’s started carrying acai packets, i think i have made acai bowls about 3x a week.  they hit the spot on these hot nyc days, and making them at home is much for cost effective than paying $10+ at a juice bar.  i topped these with bananas, blueberries, and homemade granola.

i used this recipe.

acai bowl 1acai bowl 2


cape cod long weekend

i am delinquent in posting these pictures, but i had the pleasure of spending the july 4th long weekend in cape cod.  it was something out of a classic american novel – beautiful beaches (and freezing ocean water!), fresh fruit, campfires and smores, and fried seafood and lobster rolls.  it was the perfect way to unwind after a busy stretch at work.


bathroom renovations reveal

don’t you hate it when blogs make you go through several before posts just to get to the final reveal?  sorry.  🙂

like most nyc bathrooms, mine is an interior so there is little natural light that filters through.  i am not a professional photographer but i did my best to try to take pictures of what it looks like now.  i didn’t try to style the shots, so this is more or less what it looks like on a daily basis.

the view from my bedroom

bathroom final 1

new frameless glass shower door

bathroom final 2

totally smitten by my new shower system.

bathroom final 3

recessed medicine cabinet with coordinating lights.

bathroom final 4

where my new bathroom floor meets the existing hardwood.

bathroom final 5

an admittedly cleaned up picture of the shower niche.

bathroom final 6

my new interior door handles.  you know that i am such a sucker for tactile feelings – i just love opening and closing doors now.

bathroom final 7

bathroom renovations progress

the bulk of the demolition was completed when i was in asia, so i don’t have great shots of everything stripped down to the studs.  i did take these mid progress shots however.  you can see the tile and tub were in, and they were about to insert the shower niche and medicine cabinet.

bathroom progress 1

bathroom progress 2

bathroom progress 3

the closet interiors were refinished and extra storage shelves were added.

bathroom progress 4

new closet doors going in.

bathroom progress 5

bathroom renovations before

earlier this year, i was finally able to complete some long-awaited renovations on my apartment.  though i had finally saved up enough money last year, there were delays with building approval, the contractor, and ordering materials.  and then there was the bathroom light that took forever to be replaced, which is why this post is just happening now.

despite the headaches and the $$$, it is something that i would 100% do again.  it is a dream of mine to do a full renovation on an apartment, even though it is far more expensive and time-intensive than they show on hgtv (especially in new york).

let’s start with the listing photo that i had previously posted to this site.  as i mentioned, this makes it look far nicer than it was.


here are some photos i snapped before the renovations began.  even though i had made small improvements, the lack of storage, the rotting ceramic tile, and the useless rusted drain (among other delightful features) eventually drove me over the edge.

bathroom before 1

all the interior doors looked like this.  rotting frames, unfinished surfaces, and uneven placement.

bathroom before 2bathroom before 3

my bedroom closet doors which had been painted over about 10 times and were made of some cheap style of metal.  oh and they came off their hinges all the time.

bathroom before 4

my new tub hanging out outside the bathroom.  i figured i will want to remember this one day.

bathroom before 5

just in: fendi petite 2jours bag

did anyone else see this article in the new york times about united apparel liquidators?  i had been to one of their nashville locations many years ago, but pretty much forgot about it until reading this.  they recently opened a new location in my hometown, so i was excited to visit when i went home a few weeks ago.

i admit, i went a little insane there but picked up some really great pieces for a steal.  this gorgeous fendi is such a great size, and the patent leather is very eye catching yet durable.

aren’t these beautiful farmer’s market flowers an excellent backdrop?  i wish every season was peony season.

fendi 1fendi 2