although our new apartment is only 1 bedroom, it took us over a year from the closing to calling it basically finished.  it has been so nice to put together these posts to remember just how far we have come.  next up on the list is the kitchen.

while there was technically nothing wrong with the old kitchen, it looked old and didn’t utilize all the vertical space.  plus i loathe honey colored wood and that tile floor.


a sample of the final color we chose – benjamin moore’s new york state of mind.  that stove is old…and i knew i wanted to lower the microwave to increase the space overhead.


just after demo.  i may have had a mild panic here.


the final sketch of the new design by the cabinet maker.  we did a panel over the dishwasher so it would look integrated.


walls cleaned up.  we ended up doing wood floors instead of tile, and i love the seamless look.  as long as you clean up spills, they are just as durable as tile.


in progress at the cabinet maker.


the piece of countertop we were supposed to have.  the stone yard then sold it to someone else even though we put it on hold (grrr), so we ended up with a very similar slab.  the material is shadow storm quartzite.


cabinets going in.


and new appliances!


the final reveal:


the ceiling lights and cabinet hardware are from rejuvenation.


the counters have proven very durable and still look elegant.  the range is bertazzoni.


we sacrificed a smaller sink for full size dishwasher, and it was a good trade.


there you have it!  the overall footprint didn’t change, but the new custom cabinets and appliances were worth the splurge.  plus the blue makes me so happy every time i look at it.  i hope you enjoyed!  this room was definitely the trickiest in terms of delays, hiccups, and all the choices we had to make, but it was totally worth it in the end.