i’m finally getting around to loading some of my vacation pictures from august.  every time i go back, i am in awe of paris’s unspeakable beauty.  i still dream of being able to live there one day, even if its only for a few months.

i stayed at the hotel thoumieux.  i can’t believe it has been 5 years since my first post about this place.

47EEA6A0-AEA1-4D17-8DDD-064A89255C3A426C018D-8ED3-46AA-8D6E-0D11E8C849B1522B1E91-AEC4-41F8-AD2E-BCAC26624D79liquor bottles as window decoration.  why not?26AC6ED2-E4B9-404A-B077-385B33B81EC1D82FEB9F-0D40-4657-A69D-030A946A8AF5 even groceries look better in french.D5731A7C-729E-4914-B06D-22B0444EE51B the city is possibly even more beautiful in the rain.C4989B54-B0F6-415E-A2DC-1831A538D6C3