when i was in paris, i found myself in a rainstorm and ducked into the astier de villatte shop on rue saint-honore for shelter.  i was familiar with their pottery because of abc home, but something about seeing it all stacked up in a charming store took my breath away.  i spent hours there, rummaging through all the options and narrowing down my shopping list.

although it is not for everyone, i love love love the handmade touch of their pieces.  no two items are the same, and there is a myriad of styles and options to choose from.  buying this much pottery was admittedly not my brightest idea, especially since i had to carry it around for the next week and half on flights and ferry rides through croatia and london.  amazingly, nothing was broken when i got back to nyc.  besides the design, i also love how light but strong each piece is.

for fans of the line, i should note that although still expensive, the prices ended up being about 30% cheaper in paris (after vat) than if i had bought them in the united states.

also fun tidbit – while i was there, i saw helen mirren.  she was wearing a floor length pleated duster coat with platform sneakers, and was easily the coolest and best dressed person that day.

my astier de village haul:

astier de villatte