don’t you hate it when blogs make you go through several before posts just to get to the final reveal?  sorry.  🙂

like most nyc bathrooms, mine is an interior so there is little natural light that filters through.  i am not a professional photographer but i did my best to try to take pictures of what it looks like now.  i didn’t try to style the shots, so this is more or less what it looks like on a daily basis.

the view from my bedroom

bathroom final 1

new frameless glass shower door

bathroom final 2

totally smitten by my new shower system.

bathroom final 3

recessed medicine cabinet with coordinating lights.

bathroom final 4

where my new bathroom floor meets the existing hardwood.

bathroom final 5

an admittedly cleaned up picture of the shower niche.

bathroom final 6

my new interior door handles.  you know that i am such a sucker for tactile feelings – i just love opening and closing doors now.

bathroom final 7