remember this post from 4 years ago?  as i hoped, those manolos became a great staple in my work wardrobe.  i wore them multiple times a week every year since i bought them.  however, after numerous trips to the cobbler to replace the soles and the heel taps, i finally realized that they were beyond resuscitation.

i went to the bergdorf goodman the day after christmas to see if i could find replacements, and i have literally never witnessed such utter chaos in my life.  this includes being in a train station in india.  grown women were hoarding shoes in shopping bags and under their chairs (assuming they could even find a chair to sit in), and shouting at each other and the salespeople.  i somehow managed to find the below in my size, bought them as quickly as i could, and got out without looking back.

i then decided that it would be a good time to see the tree at rockafeller center, which was probably the only place in new york more insane that bergdorf goodman that day.  i clearly lost my mind.  worth it for beautiful shoes at 75% off?  likely not.  but i do love them, and hope they will last at least another 4 years.


also, as an aside, how has it already been almost 5 years that i have had this blog???