i just got back from what was hopefully my last work trip to california for a while.  i stayed at the lovely shade hotel on manhattan beach, and had the best time.  work trips are not nearly as glamorous as they sound, so it is such a treat to come back to such a lovely room and a hot bath.

all i packed for 6 days, including work out clothes.  more on the bag later.  🙂

travel-1sorry i wasn’t able to take a picture before my clutter exploded everywhere.travel-3travel-4great drink set up.travel-5my favorite feature.  the bathroom has walls that can be opened or closed, so you can watch tv from the tub.  or retain your privacy if you prefer.travel-6the same view with the sliding doors closed.travel-7i packed 1 black skirt, 2 cream tops, and 2 black dresses, and a gray cardigan (not pictured).  this was more than enough to make all the (non workout) outfits i needed for the week.travel-8only three pairs of shoes for the whole trip.  i would normally wear the sneakers on the plane, but since i had enough room in my suitcase, i packed them and wore the pink chloe flats.travel-9