when i first moved to nyc, i was so excited to complete my wardrobe with all my fabulous sample sale finds.  i had heard that sample sales (almost) made the noise, traffic, and the outrageously high rent prices in this city worth it.  well, almost 5 years later, i have exactly 0 items still in my closet from a sample sale.

chloe 1

or had.  this chloe beauty just called my name when i saw it.  the problem with most sample sales is that typically, only the most seasonal or trendy items make it to the sale, and people are often persuaded by the low price to purchase something they ordinarily would not.  and if you wouldn’t buy something full price, why would you buy it on sale?

this beautiful chloe drew bag definitely does not fall into that category.  it has the classic shape but includes pretty much the only colors that i wear.  the fact that it was so marked down is just the cherry on top.

chloe 2