i was going through some of my old posts looking for a recipe, and i was reminded of so many of the clothes, shoes, and bags that i purchased over the years that just didn’t end up working out.  as much as i love them when i got them, i found that they weren’t as functionally as i hoped, and i ended up reselling or returning them.

i have tried to be much more careful about my purchases, but unfortunately, my method is not perfect as i still end up regretting some (though far fewer) purchases.  posts like this are useful for me as i continually asses my tastes and shopping habits and see where i can improve.

1.  celine duffle bag

coffee with celine

this bag is so beautiful, but the shape made it impractical for my life.  i wasn’t able to carry documents in it, and the lack of pockets made it difficult to find anything.

2.  manolo blahnik sedarby heels

manolo blahnik sedaraby 2

i still think these are gorgeous.  but i just don’t have the kind of social life that requires me to wear brocade and jewel-encrusted pumps more than once a year.

3.  jimmy choo peep toe pumps

jimmy choo 2

although i wear these all the time, i have learned that for the most part, jimmy choo shoes do not work for my feet.  the patent leather on these were so stiff, and the peep toe cut into my toes the moment i put them on.

4.  alaia dress

alaia 1

this one is surprising, because i just bought it.  it is truly a work of art, but the wool and the folds made it so heavy.  i walk to work and all around nyc, and the dress’s weight meant that it was not practical for more casual use.