last month, i spent a whirlwind 36 hours in london for a business trip.  since i was there for such a short period of time, i wanted to stay in a new neighborhood.  i chose the kensington hotel, and boy, i haven’t had such strong decor inspiration since i was at hotel thoumieux in paris.

the kensington is such a perfect mix of english eccentricity and modern glam.  i love the colorful but subdued lounges, and of course the marble in the bathroom was lovely.  every time i turned a corner, there was something new to see (or a chess board, inviting me to sit).  the location is also fantastic, and the guest service was exceptional.

1 lovely bike on the front steps, available to rent.2 3 4 room service lemon tart.6 the bar and cocktail lounge.7 stair case to the guest rooms.8 9 the library.10 11 the tea parlor.12 13 14 am obsessed with this china pattern.15 16have you ever seen such a chic business center?
17oh yea its raining.  because its london.