nestled boxes

since i now own my apartment, i don’t foresee moving any time soon.  although i absolutely loathe moving, the good thing is that it forces you to reassess what you own.  if it is important enough to put in a box and bring it with you, it must be pretty important.  (i totally stole this from this ted talk.  i am not that insightful.)

this apartment has also forced me to reconsider my shopping habits.  as much as i always love new shoes, i would kind of dig a new shower too.  i try to only buy things that i will use and love these days, but sadly there are a lot of remnants of shopping mistakes lurking around.  and overall, i just get the feeling that i still have so much stuff.

though this blog has been a lot about restaurants, shopping, and home decor, i hope to write a bit more about how i am attempting to simplify my life and the things that are in it.  for those of you who only like the restaurants, shopping, and home decor, too bad.  i don’t know most of you anyway.  and my mother, who i think reads this blog when she’s bored, says i’m awesome at whatever i choose to do.

so, let us go then, you and i.  (this is also plagiarized, from t.s. eliot.  i have a problem.)