every time i finish a skin care product, i buy a different brand to replace it.  i am not convinced that any one product creates miracles, and skin care technology is always changing.  having finished my jan marini products, currently favorite line is fresh.

fresh skincare

it started when i was looking for a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen and a pump dispenser (side note: i generally hate moisturizers in pots because i feel like your hands introduce bacteria that sits there and breeds and then makes your skin break out.  this might just be me though.).  then, i tried the creme ancienne eye cream in sephora and was sold when they had their 20% off VIB sale (side note 2: it is apparently hand blended by monks.  whhhhaaaaatttttttttt?  good enough for me.).  then the exfoliator and body wash came along, and i found myself with a nice little collection.

i like this eye cream and moisturizer so much that i might break my own rule and buy them again when they run out.