building on my last post, isabel marant is another staple in my wardrobe.  i can’t remember how i first heard of her brand, but over the last five years or so, i have built a great collection of her pieces.  there are two things i love about her style: 1) each season’s collection is interchangeable with previous seasons, so it somehow all goes together without looking dated and 2) despite your style, you can pick a few pieces from every collection to work into your wardrobe as it exists.

i know her clothes are very expensive, but everything i own was bought on sale (still, admittedly not cheap).  however, i truly think that for my life, these were worth the money.  these are among the most special pieces i own, and i wear them both for work and for pleasure.  they make me feel great, and more importantly, feel happy.  and isn’t that what fashion is all about?

blouses and dresses

tops and dressestwo of these blouses deserve a close up.  this woven silk is stunning.

shirt detail 1

as is this olympe top.

shirt detail 2


sweatersleather jacket, dicker boots, and pink checked scarf.

scarf shoes and jacket