i’m currently in london for the second time this year, and both trips have been at least 3 weeks long.  my wardrobe has changed a bit since the last time i was here, and i was definitely much smarter about how i packed this time around.  it also helps that my temporary apartment has a washer/dryer, so i did not need to pack as many basics.

i laid out my pieces on my bed beforehand, and i did not pack anything that could not be worn at least two ways.  for example, every dress can be worn with a blazer or a cardigan, or two different cardigans.  every skirt matches at least 2 tops.  i think you get the idea.

i packed: 1) 3 skirts; 2) 4 blouses; 3) 4 sweaters (1 sleeveless, 2 short sleeved, and 2 3/4 sleeved); 4) 1 pair of pants; 5) 3 dresses; 6) 1 blazer; 7) 2 cardigans; and 8) 2 camisoles.

packing 1 packing 2

this is everything i packed in terms of clothes, for work and pleasure.  my closet has a lot of building blocks, so i can create a lot of different outfits with a limited number of pieces.  its kind of amazing to realize that while i miss my other clothes, i don’t really need any more than this to make almost every outfit i want to wear.

not pictured but with me are: 1) my raincoat, with a removable fleece liner.  because this is london.  2) work out clothes (several gray t-shirts and 2 pairs of running capris).  the gray t-shirts i work out in triple as casual weekend shirts and sleepwear.  3) underwear and socks.  4)  shoes (2 pairs of flats, 1 pair of short rain boots, 1 pair of running shoes, and 3 pairs of heels (black suede, tortoise shell, and snakeskin).  5) 2 scarfs (one pink check, and one blue leopard).  6) 5 pairs of earrings.  7) two bags (1 crossbody and one shoulder bag).

everything fit in 1 large checked bag.  not bad, eh?