i have been coveting this see by chloe belt for some time, but could never bring myself to spend over $150 on a belt.

so during a recent afternoon when i was feeling crafty, i decided to try making one.  upon closer inspection, i figured i could just make a detachable bow.  then i could attach it to a belt i already had, and turn the buckle to the back.

after a bit of trial and error, this is the pattern i came up with.  i placed the pattern on some scrap leather i had (from my bookbinding days in college) and cut the shape out using a surgical scalpel (be careful if you want to try this at home!!!).

i then sewed the ends together to make a bow.

i then cut a small piece of leather to form the band across the middle, and hammered on some simple snap closures.  i bought the snap closures from jo-ann fabrics ($3 for a pack of 4).

voila!  all done.  i put the bow on one of my favorite yellow belts just to show out it fits.

the back of the bow.  i suppose you could also wear this as the front if you wanted.

i got so excited that i made another one in tan.