east village date night – superiority burger & evelina

i finally made it to superiority burger during a low key night in the east village.  their menu is entirely vegetarian (and can be made vegan upon request), and while their “burger” selection remains the same, the sides are always changing.  i am not sure this was the best veggie burger i have ever had, but it was pretty darn good.

pharmacie 1 pharmacie 2 “sloppy joe” with fried onions on top.  i think i liked this even more than the burger.pharmacie 3 mambo potatoespharmacie 4after dinner, we had a lovely nightcap at evelina.



interior inspiration

i happened to pick up a copy of french elle decor when i was in paris in september, and found myself struck by this lovely parisian apartment.  i recycled the magazine, but not before scanning these pages.  this home is both clean yet warm, and chic yet very livable.  who wouldn’t want to soak in that tub for hours?

i’m considering ways to change up my apartment decor slightly, and i think this is a great place to start.

also, i don’t speak any french, so i couldn’t tell you if this article is interesting or not.  for those of you who do, i hope it is interesting!1104_001 1104_001 3 1103_001 1105_001


goyard artois tote

as i think more about the pieces i want to bring into my life, i love the idea of something made just for me.  i love how men can get custom suits and shirts made quite easily with their names and initials on them, and always wished there were more options for personalization for women.

when i was in paris, the favorable dollar/euro exchange rate had me eyeing a new handbag purchase, and i ended up coming home with this beauty.

the goyard artois bag is a bit smaller (and sturdier) than the brand’s st. louis bag, and only comes personalized.  because of this, the personalization only takes a few days, instead of a few weeks.  i choose red lettering to match the red stitching, and it gives me such a thrill every time i reach into the bag.

goyard 1 goyard 2 goyard 3


fall shopping list

my previous shopping lists have helped keep me focused when adding items to my closet, so i created a short one for this fall.

fall shoppingthe navy pants are still on there – i haven’t found the perfect fit.  you can see that the rest of the items are pretty classic, yet i was still missing them from my closet.  for many years, i just bought what caught my eye, instead of thinking about what worked with pieces i actually had.

france shopping

i did my best while i was in france to keep my shopping in line with my new marie kondo’ed apartment – i did not purchase anything that did not spark joy.  i also tried to focus on buying things that would both serve a purpose in my life while also reminding me of my wonderful trip.

here is what i came home with:

france shopping{from top:  woven market basket with leather handles; eric bombard cashmere sweaters (side note, the black has navy lace panels down the side – it definitely deserves its own post); chanel cat eye sunglasses; blue stuffed elephant from tartan et chocolate; lavender-filled satchets}



i spent a wonderful 10 days last month in france and was finally able to make it to corsica.  corsica has been on my “to travel” list for a long time, and it was everything i imagined – unpredictable and wild, warm and inviting, and of course, unspeakably beautiful.  i tried to whittle down my favorite shots for this post, and this is the best i could do.

{capu di feno, the surfer’s beach}

IMG_4628 IMG_4630 {bonifacio}IMG_4640 IMG_4646 IMG_4652 IMG_4661 IMG_4673 {roccapina beach}IMG_4681 {ajaccio}IMG_4692 IMG_4694


dinner at the nomad

if i had to pick my favorite restaurant in nyc, it would be the nomad, hands down.  i remember my very first unforgettable meal here years ago with some of my closest girl friends, and i have been fortunate to go back several times since.

here are some pictures from a delicious meal i shared there a few weekends ago:

some cocktails to start.
IMG_1621 IMG_1622 the onion table bread.  they give you as much as you want!IMG_1623 egg.IMG_1625 eggplant parmigiana.IMG_1626 gazpacho.IMG_1627roasted squash.
IMG_1628 and their most famous dish – their chicken.IMG_1629 IMG_1630 milk and honey dessert.IMG_1631 sour cherry crumble and ricotta ice cream.  sounds so weird but it was so so so so good.IMG_1632


bedroom makeover

my apartment makeover is continuing in baby steps, mostly because of the crazy amount of traveling i have been doing this year.  next up is the bedroom.

here are some before pictures from the day i moved in:

bedroom before 1 the same sad taupe wall paint.bedroom before 2 with furniture.  why is there a random shelf in the corner???hallway beforehallway from bedroom looking into the bathroom (also pre-makeover).

and now the best part – the after.

bedroom after 1 i got a proper bed from anthropologie to replace the metal frame my mattress had been on.  bedroom after 2 gorgeous bed linens, marble table lamp, and rug also from anthropologie.  i tend to stalk their sale section for home goods.

the mirrored chest is from one kings lane.bedroom after 3you can see that not much changed.  i painted the walls white and added furniture and accessories.

i got this print from a vintage store in philadelphia when i was visiting for a friend’s wedding.

arta look at the hallway after.hallway afterother than the paint, the only change was the light fixture.

i replaced the standard issue light with something much more lovely.


bedroom light beforeafter:bedroom light after


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