nashville shopping

on a recent trip home to nashville for the weekend, i hit up two of my favorite local businesses: parnassus books and beloved intimates.  luckily for me (but not for my wallet) they are about two minutes away from each other.

nashville shopping since i think you might be tired of looking at pictures of my underwear, here is what i came home with from parnassus.  as a special treat, the copy of the painter is signed!parnassus

 okay, i don’t care if you are tired of looking at pictures of lingerie.  i couldn’t resist.  set is by lou paris.

lou paris


chelsea flower market

i woke up extra early this morning and met my dear friend jill at the chelsea flower market (thanks jill for the iphone pictures!).  every morning, monday through saturday, west 28th street between 6th and 7th avenues becomes an urban flower and plant oasis.

as tempting as it is to sleep in and do nothing on saturdays (or basically everyday), i rejected my inner lazy bum.  and now, i have gone to the flower market, sat in a cute cafe and had coffee, arranged my flowers, and posted on my blog, and it isn’t even noon yet.  i have been so productive that i have no qualms about sitting on my butt the rest of this rainy day.

oh btw we went a little photo happy.

IMG_3599 IMG_3604 IMG_3606 IMG_3607 IMG_3608 these flowers were as big as our faces.  i loved them.IMG_3609 IMG_3611

the spoils of my trip (i wish i remembered the flower varieties but these kinds of things don’t stay in my brain):

IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3858



i had a wonderful sunday dinner with two of my closest friends at narcissa in the east village last sunday night.  this is actually my 5th time at the restaurant in the last year (i love it that much), but i keep forgetting to bring my camera.  thanks to my lovely friend sari for these pictures!

also, for all you vegetarians out there (i am one too), i highly recommend narcissa.  the menu is so creative, and i never feel like i am missing out.  oh, and the carrots wellington is outstanding.

narcissa 1 narcissa 2 narcissa 3 narcissa 4 narcissa 5 narcissa 6 narcissa 7 narcissa 8 narcissa 9


just in: lonely cyd longline bra

remember when i said i only owned 5 bras?  yea…the combination of my dear friend becca and journelle has increased that number a bit.  oops.  this is turning out to be an unhealthy addiction.

lonely cyd longlinelonely cyd longline bra and brief.

the navy blue lace is so soft and stretchy.  even though there is an underwire, i barely feel like i am wearing anything.  i picked this set up at beloved intimates, a charming store in nashville with a great selection, and lovely owner.


summer makeup

the increasing temperature has caused me to simplify my makeup routine.  although i am normally not a big makeup person anyways, i have managed to pare down the contents of my medicine cabinet to these products.  they are all light enough so i don’t feel like i am wearing much makeup, but still look polished.

spring makeup{clockwise from top: 1) laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer; 2) chanel loose powder; 3) ysl lip gloss; 4) lorac front of the line eyeliner; 5) ysl babydoll mascara; 6) giorgio armani eyeliner (i smudge this on my eyelids and use in place of shadow)}


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