new bedroom storage

i have been looking for a better way to store my lingerie collection, but my bedroom is too small for a full size dresser.  i found this gorgeous mirrored tall chest on one king’s lane, and it fit perfectly into this little nook.

i love opening the drawers every morning and seeking all the lace peeking out.

lingerie chest the ocd in me arranged my sets according to bra types.  these are my black and nude padded 1 these are wired, non-padded 2

not pictured are my wireless bras and my silk camisoles to wear under blouses.


wardrobe planning

shoeshaving just cleaned out my closet (again), i can see a few holes that i would like to fill.  as much as i am trying to reduce clutter, i am never going to be one of those shoppers who stick to the mythical five piece french wardrobe (french women are so great!  they eat croissants and still stay skinny!  they only buy 5 things a year and their wardrobe is better than yours ever will be!  i am perhaps paraphrasing.  you should google it for unbiased info.)  however, i think planning a bit about what i want/need will help me stay focused while shopping.  upon a first pass, this is what i would like to add to my wardrobe:

1) black ankle boots.

2) black flats.  i have patent tortoise and snakeskin stilettos, yet no black flats.  i clearly have priorities.

3) jeans.  i don’t own a single pair.  a dear friend accused me of being unamerican when she found out.  joanna, if you are reading this, i am talking about you.  though, to be fair, you had a point.

4) navy slim pants.  because i only own one pair of pants, and they are black.  i know. i don’t know what is wrong with me.

5) day-to-evening dress.  because who has time for a complete outfit change when going out after work?  and who is tired of going out to dinner in silk blouses and pencil skirts?  (me.  that’s who.)

6) navy camisole.  to wear with my future navy pants.

7) printed cashmere sweater.  because i have one in mind but it is so expensive that i can’t buy it now.  and when i do buy it, having it on my list will make the ridiculous purchase seem more legit.


clutter pitfalls

in my efforts to simplify and clear the junk in my apartment, i came across four areas where i have accumulated so much (and for no reason).

1) shoe bags.  i remember when i was in high school and i bought my first pair of shoes that came with shoe bags.  i felt so fancy and swore i would keep those bags forever.  of course i promptly lost them, and now i have a mountain of shoe bags, like the closeted bag lady that i am.  it is good to keep a few (especially for traveling, because you don’t want your shoes to dirty everything else in your suitcase), but the rest are being recycled.

bags 2) random containers.  repeat after me: owning containers does not make you organized.  they are just vessels to store useless crap.  a few of the containers pictured below are from trips, so they will stay for sentimental reasons.  but the rest are outta here.  containers 3) kitchen gadgets.  this is a lettuce keeper.  2.5 years ago, when i moved to new york city, i decided that i needed this to keep all the lettuce i would surely be buying.  2.5 years later, it still has the plastic on it.  i hope someone at my local goodwill keeps (and eats) more lettuce than i do, and will provide this with a loving gadget 4) shoe boxes.  this one breaks my heart a little, because part of the thrill of purchasing beautiful footwear is the package it comes in.  i know a lot of people find other uses for shoe boxes, but i have accepted that i am not one of those people.  my shoe boxes sit in my closet, mocking me for all the vital space they are taking up.  my 650 square foot slice of manhattan does not have room for shoe boxes (or mockery for that matter).  to the recycle bin, shoe boxes.  i will not let you defeat me any longer.shoe boxes


thoughts on stuff

nestled boxes

since i now own my apartment, i don’t foresee moving any time soon.  although i absolutely loathe moving, the good thing is that it forces you to reassess what you own.  if it is important enough to put in a box and bring it with you, it must be pretty important.  (i totally stole this from this ted talk.  i am not that insightful.)

this apartment has also forced me to reconsider my shopping habits.  as much as i always love new shoes, i would kind of dig a new shower too.  i try to only buy things that i will use and love these days, but sadly there are a lot of remnants of shopping mistakes lurking around.  and overall, i just get the feeling that i still have so much stuff.

though this blog has been a lot about restaurants, shopping, and home decor, i hope to write a bit more about how i am attempting to simplify my life and the things that are in it.  for those of you who only like the restaurants, shopping, and home decor, too bad.  i don’t know most of you anyway.  and my mother, who i think reads this blog when she’s bored, says i’m awesome at whatever i choose to do.

so, let us go then, you and i.  (this is also plagiarized, from t.s. eliot.  i have a problem.)


sale finds

in keeping with my sale mantra (if you wouldn’t buy it full price, why would you buy it on sale?), i feel like i bought and returned pretty much everything that shopbop, net-a-porter, and barney had to offer.  these four pieces made it through the shopping war, and are wonderful additions to my closet.

sale findsclockwise from top left:  1) anthropology printed sweater; 2) l’agent hot pink bra and briefs (just got refitted at journelle and my bra size changed.  crap.  you know how much i hate buying new lingerie.  :) ); 3) anya hindmarch inflight clear carry on case (tsa approved!  my old one from this post broke); 4) blue and gray suede manolo blahniks.

fresh skincare

every time i finish a skin care product, i buy a different brand to replace it.  i am not convinced that any one product creates miracles, and skin care technology is always changing.  having finished my jan marini products, currently favorite line is fresh.

fresh skincare

it started when i was looking for a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen and a pump dispenser (side note: i generally hate moisturizers in pots because i feel like your hands introduce bacteria that sits there and breeds and then makes your skin break out.  this might just be me though.).  then, i tried the creme ancienne eye cream in sephora and was sold when they had their 20% off VIB sale (side note 2: it is apparently hand blended by monks.  whhhhaaaaatttttttttt?  good enough for me.).  then the exfoliator and body wash came along, and i found myself with a nice little collection.

i like this eye cream and moisturizer so much that i might break my own rule and buy them again when they run out.


with love from nyc

i think a lot about where my clothes come from, and how i spend my money.  when possible, i try to support small businesses, companies that produce in the usa, and companies that are committed to environmentally sound business practices.

only hearts nyc is a company that fulfills all three.  they have been in the business for 33 years, and all of their products are produced in the garment district in nyc.  i love that these adorable organic cotton navy briefs are in some ways a love letter to my favorite city.

only hearts 1 only hearts 2


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