london sale purchases

i have a tendency to buy more when i am traveling than i would when i am home in nyc, perhaps because i feel like my purchases are good souvenirs of my trip.  in the past, this has led to many unnecessary and useless items in my closet and home.

therefore, even though i was in london for a month, i made a concerted effort to only buy things that i would also buy if i was in nyc.  this is all i came home with for myself, plus one blouse that i will post about later.  i am clearly going through a pink phase.

london purchases{isabel marant tasma scarf, isabel marant pink cashmere sweater, & other stories sunglasses}


hakkasan london

on a leisurely sunday, i shared a four hour champagne brunch with a dear friend in london at hakkasan.  the food was lovely, and the company was even lovelier.  easily one of the best meals i have ever had in london.

oh and yea, all this food was for two people.IMG_3425 i love the hidden entrance in this back alley.IMG_3426
IMG_3428starter salad.
IMG_3430 IMG_3431
IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3435 IMG_3436 IMG_3437



mini travel favorites

hello from london!  on rather short notice, i learned that i would be working from london for a month or so.  i had planned on doing a more detailed packing post, but i had about 5 days to get my ducks in a row.  so, this short entry will have to do for now.

i hoard all the mini products and samples i receive from hotels and stores, and pack them in a clear tsa approved bag when it comes time to travel.  here are a few of the goodies i brought with me this time.  and yes, i travel with lingerie wash and stain solution.  :)

travel favorites note:  the baby powder and the toothpaste were purchased from the drugstore.  everything else was free.


leather care

for those who have read my blog for a while, it is apparent that i love beautiful shoes and handbags.  the only way i can justify these purchases is if i spend a bit of time to care for them, so they last as long as possible.  here are a few of the tools i use to help me:

leather care

1) stink free shoe spray.  because shoes start to smell sometimes.

2) apple brand leather protector spray.  probably the best purchase of the bunch.  i immediately spray every bag i own with it the moment i bring the bag home, and same with my shoes.  my ps1 has been caught in the rain so many times, and there are no marks to show.

3) apple brand leather conditioner.  i use this to periodically clean handles and straps, and spot clean stains and marks.  just put a little on a clean cloth (never on the bag or shoes directly!) and rub in carefully.  it also helps breathe new life into worn or aged leather.

4) suede kit.  the “eraser” and brush have saved my dicker boots so many times, which have also been caught in the rain.  as i write this, i am also realizing i need to dress better for the nyc weather.

5) simple cleansing wipes.  i know this is a weird one, but these wipes are portable and chemical-free.  i keep them at my desk to both clean my face after the end of long work day, but also to wipe the insides and outsides of my manolos after a few wears.  and if i need to get a stain off a bag in a pinch, i find that they usually do the trick.

6) a cobbler (obviously unpictured).  every new pair of shoes goes straight to the cobbler for rubber soles on the bottom, before i wear them.  i have also had cobblers change out heels, soles, and even just freshen up the leather.


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