sale finds

in keeping with my sale mantra (if you wouldn’t buy it full price, why would you buy it on sale?), i feel like i bought and returned pretty much everything that shopbop, net-a-porter, and barney had to offer.  these four pieces made it through the shopping war, and are wonderful additions to my closet.

sale findsclockwise from top left:  1) anthropology printed sweater; 2) l’agent hot pink bra and briefs (just got refitted at journelle and my bra size changed.  crap.  you know how much i hate buying new lingerie.  :) ); 3) anya hindmarch inflight clear carry on case (tsa approved!  my old one from this post broke); 4) blue and gray suede manolo blahniks.

fresh skincare

every time i finish a skin care product, i buy a different brand to replace it.  i am not convinced that any one product creates miracles, and skin care technology is always changing.  having finished my jan marini products, currently favorite line is fresh.

fresh skincare

it started when i was looking for a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen and a pump dispenser (side note: i generally hate moisturizers in pots because i feel like your hands introduce bacteria that sits there and breeds and then makes your skin break out.  this might just be me though.).  then, i tried the creme ancienne eye cream in sephora and was sold when they had their 20% off VIB sale (side note 2: it is apparently hand blended by monks.  whhhhaaaaatttttttttt?  good enough for me.).  then the exfoliator and body wash came along, and i found myself with a nice little collection.

i like this eye cream and moisturizer so much that i might break my own rule and buy them again when they run.


with love from nyc

i think a lot about where my clothes come from, and how i spend my money.  when possible, i try to support small businesses, companies that produce in the usa, and companies that are committed to environmentally sound business practices.

only hearts nyc is a company that fulfills all three.  they have been in the business for 33 years, and all of their products are produced in the garment district in nyc.  i love that these adorable organic cotton navy briefs are in some ways a love letter to my favorite city.

only hearts 1 only hearts 2

living room now

when i moved into my apartment, i had this grand idea that i would do a series of “before and afters” after each piece of the apartment was completed.  well, a year later, no single room is completely done.  the bathroom is going to get a new shower, i have no lamps in my bedroom (or artwork), and the kitchen is still awaiting a backsplash.  so, i thought i would show you the current state of my living room.

not much as changed since my last apartment, though it certainly feels more spacious since my place is much bigger.

living room 1 the purple stools are from target (sold out now).  side tables are ikea, and sofa is mitchell gold liam.  the acrylic cubes are pb teen, but i can’t find them online room 2 wooden lamp is from room 3 my gallery wall as grown considerably since this room 4 tv stand is ikea.  that empty corner will get a chair at some room 5these roses were just too pretty to not have their close-up.


style icon: rachel zane

there is something i think you should know about me.

rachel zane is my fashion spirit animal.  her clothes are tailored to perfection, are incredibly elegant, and still timeless.  i also appreciate how the show’s wardrobe stylists repeat pieces on her, because most of us wear the same item over and over again.

and don’t even get me started on the hair and makeup.  just not fair.  is it crazy that i read this post, was overjoyed to realize i use half these products anyway, and then immediately went out and bought what i didn’t have?  no judgment.

Rachel Zane 1 Rachel Zane 2 Rachel Zane 3 Rachel Zane 4

all photos from pinterest.

fall skin sos

my relentless travel schedule over the summer wreaked complete havoc on my skin.  i decided it was time to try some new skincare products, and i am pretty pleased with the results.  the jan marini serum makes my skin glow, and the moisturizer does a nice job of keeping breakouts at bay and evening my skin tone.  for the days when i do have an occasional blemish, the kiehls gel is a lifesaver.

jan marini skincare


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