wardrobe planning: eres cassis maillot

i happened upon the most perfect swimsuit during the summer sales.  i had my heart set on a one-piece, but that proved much harder to find than a bikini.

eres has been known for its swimwear (and exceptionally high prices), so i thought i would try a classic eres shape to see what all the fuss was about.  sadly for my wallet, i am hooked.  the fabric is nice and thick, sucking in anything you want to suck in.  plus the white is not see through, unlike the many white suits that i bought and returned.

i am very curious to see how this suit holds up.  if it truly last years, like people say, then the price will end up being worth it.

eres 1 eres 2


jackson hole

i snuck away last month for a long weekend in jackson hole, wyoming.  between the animals and breathtaking scenery, it was the antidote i needed for crazy city life.

we also spent a day in yellowstone national park, which had some of the coolest hot springs i had ever seen.

IMG_4096 teton national parkIMG_4111 old faithfulIMG_4174 hot springs in yellowstone IMG_4180IMG_4219 buffalo in yellowstoneIMG_4229 yea we saw a bear.  it was awesome.IMG_4250 IMG_4274 horses just hanging out on the side of the road.IMG_4282mama moose and baby moose

wardrobe planning: navy shorts

for those of us without supermodel figures, shopping for shorts is about as stressful as shopping for bathing suits.  i don’t like shorts that are too short, and they need to have some room for my hips and butt (but not too much so that i look like i’m wearing a diaper).

i found my perfect navy shorts at everlane. they are ethically-sourced, perfectly tailored, and under $50.

everlane shorts

wardrobe planning: chanel light ballet flats

so something a bit crazy happened while i was in australia.  an opportunity came up for work in singapore, and i was invited to go for a few days.  i immediately said yes, but then realized i had nothing to wear.  now, i’m not being dramatic.  i literally had nothing.  all i brought to australia were flip flops, sneakers, t-shirts, and shorts.

i spent a day running around melbourne to get some basics to look decently business appropriate, and even had to buy makeup.  when it came to the shoes, i was faced with the decision of buying a cheap pair that i would just wear and toss after singapore or a pair that has been on my list forever that was (a bit) more expensive but would be keepers.

i bet you can guess which one i chose.

say hello to my beautiful chanel ballet flats.

chanel 1 chanel 2 when i came back to america, these babies went straight to the cobbler and then were coated twice with leather protecting spray.  paranoid much?chanel 3i sometimes just want to look at them all day.


spring / summer wardrobe planning

last season, when i put together a shopping list, i didn’t know what to expect.  as i said, i am never going to be a minimalist who stops shopping altogether.  looking back on the last few months, however, i found that the list helped keep me focused.  although i strayed on a few occasions, i also realized that something i thought i wanted (a printed cashmere sweater) was a passing fantasy.

emboldened by my (partial) success, i decided to make a new list for this season.  the navy pants carried over from last time, because i still have not found the perfect pair (well i have, but they are so expensive, i can’t justify them unless they go on sale).

i have found a few of these pieces already, so stay tuned…

list also i love june in nyc.  fresh flowers everywhere and the weather is perfect.  these daffodils look so sweet in a blue mason jar.daffodils

everyday luxuries

i thought it would be fun to post about my little every day indulgences.

muji notebooks and uchida le pens.  i spend all day writing (for work and pleasure) so nothing makes me happier than using lovely stationery.  while not the most expensive notebooks, they are a huge step up from the notepads and post-its that i used in the past.

stationery i swear these pens make everyone’s writing beautiful.uchida le pen china teacups and saucers, from teroforma.  i don’t drink tea, so i use these for my morning coffee.  it is such a civilized way to start the day.teroforma teapcups luxury candles.  one of my best friends gasped when she learned how much i spend on candles and exclaimed: “you are literally burning money!”  point taken.

this is a billy reid candle.  because of course he makes wonderful candles.

billy reid candle


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