bathroom makeover

when i moved into my new place, the bathroom was in a sad state.  the walls were painted a glossy blue, the wood on the vanity was cheap (and warped), and the medicine cabinets made the space feel smaller than it already was.  since this is the first home i have purchased (!), i wanted to be very smart about the remodeling decisions i made.

i didn’t think ahead to take pictures of the “before,” but here is the photo from the original listing:

bathroom old

the professional lighting makes it look much nicer than it was.  i repainted the space (using benjamin moore’s “simply white”) and switched out the vanity, medicine cabinet, light fixture, and toilet.  i don’t love the floor tiles, but they are in good shape and are too expensive to redo.

here is the after:bathroom 1 the new toilet is the “memoirs” toilet from kohler.bathroom 2 bathroom 3 i feel like the gorgeous new faucet (by watermark) deserves another look.bathroom 4i am so in love with the changes.  i want to eventually completely remodel the shower (the tiles are depressing), but will need to save a bit more before i can.


billy reid sale purchases

if you have read this blog before, you may know that i am a huge fan of billy reid.  i own several of his blazers, and during this sales season, added a few sweaters and a beautiful skirt to my collection.  the items are sadly no longer online, but you may be able to find them in stores.  the sweaters are absolutely amazing, because after a few wears, there is still very little piling.  and they are 100% wool.

billy reid 1

i know it is a bit late in the season, but think i will do a post on sweater care.  investing in a few great sweaters over the years and taking care of them is the best decision i have made for my closet (and my wallet).

billy reid 2the skirt deserved a close up of the beautiful silk.

small change, big impact

when i moved into my new apartment, the living room and bedroom had awful brown blinds.  notwithstanding the fact that they were broken, i just hated seeing the brown the moment i walked through the door.

living room before

bedroom before

luckily, new custom blinds were fairly inexpensive and easy to install from select  it may be hard to tell in pictures, but this switch has made a huge impact in my new space.

living room after bedroom after


winter skin sos

this nyc winter has been brutal on my skin, so i finally decided to invest in some high end serum to see if it was worth the price.

i started with chanel’s le jour de chanel and la nuit de chanel, both available at nordstrom’s.  i have been using them consistently for about a month, and i am please with the results so far.  my skin is looking a bit brighter, and they have reduced the tightness/dryness i usually feel in the winter (even though i don’t use them with a moisturizer).  however, because i do not have much experience with serums generally, i am not sure whether the price justifies the results.  chanel serums



when it is this cold outside, nothing sounds better than piddling around the house taking pictures of your favorite things.

vince cashmere sweater.  i want to wear this every day after taking a lotion bath.  tmi?

vince cashmere sweater

gorgeous orchids i took as a souvenir from a dear friend’s wedding.orchids

eberjey robe with lace detail.  i think i actually do wear this every day.  putting on real clothes around the house seems like too much effort these days.eberjey robe


just in: new ysl makeup

i don’t know about you, but i tend to keep makeup long past its expiration date (especially mascara…ewwww).  because i don’t wear makeup very often, i often forget to throw it out.  i spent last weekend cleaning out my medicine cabinet, and tossed an item if i couldn’t remember when i bought it.

here is a handy guide for makeup and beauty products expiration dates.

since i got rid of all my mascara and lip gloss, i picked up these two replacements from sephora.  the lip color looks very pink in the tube, but is gorgeous on.

ysl makeup


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